Marine Corps Marathon Base Building: 6/6-6/12/16

Now that Marine Corps is less than 20 weeks away, I’ve really started focusing on the marathon as my next big running goal. While I don’t plan to start following a specific plan until the end of the month, I’m spending the next couple of weeks logging easy, slow miles to continue to build my base up. While I’m not sure what training plan I’ll use, and whether or not I’ll hire a coach, I feel I’ll be more comfortable starting a plan with a few consistent weeks of 20+ miles.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 miles on the NCR trail. I thought it was hot but I was shown otherwise on Sunday.


Wednesday: 3.1 miles around the neighborhood – hilly route! I planned to do 4, but I had a rough time getting up and at ’em. I missed November Project, but it was nice to just go and run.


Thursday: 6 miles easy with a fast finish thanks to being chased by a couple of bees. After experiencing a slight reaction from being stung last summer, I really need to get some Benadryl to carry with me!

Nothing quite beats $0.60 canollis after a run!

Friday-Saturday: nothing, nada, rest. I had intentions to do yoga, but it didn’t happen.

Sunday: 8 miles slow and easy with a fast finish. It was 81 by the time I walked out the door, but thankfully the breeze was strong and the trail is very shaded. I succeeded at keeping my heart rate on the lower end, which I’ve been trying to do during this base phase.

Long run recovery poolside. Not pictured: A damn good margarita.

Weekly miles: 21.1.

I’m really happy with how this week. With working in truly slower runs and even some walk/run intervals on the hottest days I finished the week pain-free for the first time in what feels like forever! I was also happy to earn my third Hogwarts Running Club medal of the year – the Half Blood Prince Half Marathon. I was planning to wait to “earn it” during a 13 mile long run, however the newest race has been released and it’s time to start working towards that one – it’s 26.2 miles, but it’s broken up into 4 “separate” events with one for each house! It just makes my heart so happy.


Today I’m linking up with Tricia at Miss Sippy Piddlinand Holly at HoHo Runs for the Weekly Wrap, and Megan at Run Megan Run for the Weekly Workout Recap. Head over to their pages to check out some other great posts! Thanks for hosting, Ladies!


Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it! 

What was your best run/workout of the past week? 

16 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Base Building: 6/6-6/12/16

  1. It was really hot yesterday but the breeze was nice! I was also at the pool and it was so nice to lay out in the sun! I am jealous that you are so close to NCR. I have only been there once because it is such a production to get all the way there!


    • It was nice until the breeze was so strong! Up here it was blowing the plastic chairs around so I didn’t stay too long 😛 I can imagine it can be a pain to get up here in the morning. By the time I left on Sunday, people were parked way up the road.


  2. No racing here, though I have 2 races over the next 2 weekends. Hope the weather is not as hot as yours !


  3. I think I’ll be doing a few weeks around 20 before I start building (this week was 17). 20 weeks seems so far, but then again it’s the right time to start. Yikes! Also, I’m so intrigued by that Hogwarts Running Club!


    • It’s crazy to think that at the end of training, we’ll be running 20 at once! The HRC is so awesome. A lot of people have seemed interested in it so I’ll share a post on it soon 🙂


  4. What no picture of the margarita, oh wait did you already drink it all? hehe! Sounds like you’ve got a great plan before starting your MCM training. No racing for me this weekend, in fact down here the will slack off due to the heat. I feel like If I wait until 7am it’s already so hot.
    I’m going to take a look at that android weather app you used in your picture. It looks neat. I’m due for some new things. Thank you Sam for linking up with us in the Weekly Wrap, have a great week!


    • It may have been well disguised as I don’t know if the pool allows alcohol or not 😉 I definitely waited too long this weekend. It’s time to get more disciplined about getting to bed early. The app is called Instaweather. There are some really great photo “skins”!

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  5. Good job, girl, getting out there 🙂
    Oh, and I am so intrigued by the Hogwarts Running Club… that is so cool. 🙂

    My best run was an easy 4-miler (after 10 hours of work, mind you). I didn’t feel like running at all, but went out anyway and it turned out to be the best run of the week! Love when that happens.


  6. I need to know where you can get a 60 cents cannoli. The Hogwarts medal is very cool. I had not heard anything about the Howarts Running Club. I still haven’t figured out how to start marathon training next month in this heat. I did it last year, but it feels harder this year. (Whine Whine). My worst run this past week was 5 miles while in Florida. It was so hot and steamy, I walked much of the last 2 miles. Thanks for linking with us Sam!


    • Come on up to Baltimore on the second Thursday of each month 😉 It’s hot enough up here, I can’t imagine training down in Florida. I’m sure you will find a way and will do great!


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