Marine Corps Marathon Base Building: 6/13-6/19/16

How is it Monday already?! Last week/weekend completely flew by. This is the week I really got into the “marathon training” mindset. While I’m still not following a set training plan, my level of focus, intensity, and commitment feels as though I am. I decided to work with a coach (!!! – someone from work, which is perfect for me), on a realistic list of races to run between now and October 30th, and some goals for the next few months. While diet (food and drink) wise this week wasn’t good for me, I made a comeback over the weekend and feel great going into this week.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.25 miles at work. It was nice running with a new group of people and the route was great – rolling hills with many nice sights.

Wednesday: 2.7 miles at November Project. I ran hard this day, and my average run pace was about 8:30, and my “stairs lap” pace was around 9:10.I felt absolutely awesome during and after. HELL YEAH. I was even off of work and was able to enjoy breakfast with some members of the “tribe” after, which totally made my day and made me feel like I’m really getting to know some members of the group.

I was clearly enjoying myself!
I was clearly enjoying myself! (NO BURPEES ON WEDNESDAY – YAYYY)

Thursday: Rest. I was planning to run but the weather called for storms. Plot twist: It didn’t actually rain until 9 PM.

Friday: 3.5 miles with my roommate. It was awesome bringing her running with me, even if I wasn’t feeling so hot after we had a little too much wine the night before 😉

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 10 miles slow and easy with a 3 mile fast finish. This run was seriously perfect – I’ve been trying so hard to get my HR down into the “aerobic zone” on my easy days and finally did it on Sunday. Holding back made the last three miles feel great and easy.

If you didn't snap your run did it really happen?
If you didn’t snap your run did it really happen? (screencap  FAIL)

Weekly miles: 20.45

Training cycle miles: 41.55

Once again, this week was truly great. I had moments when I ran fast, but most were spent running easy. I’m enjoying using the heart rate monitor on my new Garmin Forerunner 235 to really learn about how hard I’m running. I’m actually learning what an “easy” pace truly is for my body and it is making a huge difference in how I feel and in my energy levels. I have races the next two weekends, so I’m excited to see how I can perform now that I feel healthy and in one piece for the first time in forever!



Today I’m linking up with Tricia at Miss Sippy Piddlinand Holly at HoHo Runs for the Weekly Wrap, and Megan at Run Megan Run for the Weekly Workout Recap. Head over to their pages to check out some other great posts! Thanks for hosting, Ladies!


Did you race this weekend? Tell me about it! 

What was your best run/workout of the past week? 

12 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Base Building: 6/13-6/19/16

  1. Wow, awesome work!!! Nice long run! I didn’t race this weekend, training though! Training for a marathon (in November) but I do have the “Too Hot to Handle” 15K in a couple weeks… which should be fun… but hot… (Texas) 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  2. You are making me so jealous of the 235! I’m really interested to hear how you like working with a coach. I’ve thought about it before, but I feel like I’m not “good enough” to get one, even though the whole point of a coach is to make you better!


  3. Great long run! After reading your post, I’m regretting getting my Garmin 220- should’ve bought the one with the heart rate monitor!!!

    I really should start my marathon training too!!!


  4. I have a Garmin 225 and love the wrist HR monitor. I find it very difficult to keep my HR low on my long runs! Add the heat and humidity of summer and it’s nearly impossible. I really need to pay more attention to succeeding as I start marathon training soon. So, huge KUDOS on your 10 miler! You look like you are having tons of fun in both of your pics. Thanks for linking with us Sam!


  5. I want a running watch so bad… 🙂 I am currently tracking everything through an app on my phone, but I hear so many good things about the Forerunner 235.


  6. Love the picture of you enjoying yourself! What an amazing smile too!
    No racing for me but I got in 3 different classes at the gym. I’m trying new things during this time off from training. My runs are continuing as I’m participating in the RWRunstreak and truly enjoying it. Thanks for linking up with us!


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