I’m Back! + 3.5 weeks out

Surprise, I’m back! Actually, it was a surprise I left the blog (and insta. and twitter. and basically facebook too). It wasn’t quite purposeful, but in some ways it was needed. Let’s run through a few things, Thinking out Loud style (thanks, Amanda!).

Running truly healthy for the first time since I started 2.5 years ago helped me build a greater relationship with running, and with myself. I was happy to keep my running to myself and my close friends.

I began growing a relationship with an amazing guy which took/takes up a lot of my “free time” and certainly makes it hard to get out of bed to run on a weekend morning. He now forces me out of bed on the weekends, but he always wins over technology.


Over the summer I worked at a running store. 35-40 hours a week of “running”, on top of actual running. More running at home and on my phone? No thanks.

Goodbye weekends at the store, hello weekends of long runs, races, and FUN.

I started a job that I worked so hard to get. I love it but it’s demanding and I work a lot outside of school. The last thing I wanted to do after planning and paperwork was to open my other computer to write more.

Meeting day –> running with a friend –> trivia. So worth it.

I’ve been wanting to write again for a couple of weeks now. I’m ready to share my love of running again. I’ve missed being in contact with other runners who endless inspire me and educate me about running. The writers block faded, the desire to put my emotions into words struck again.

I can’t believe that the Marine Corps Marathon is just 24 days away! Some days I am nervous about whether or not my body will stay together until then, but mostly I just feel excited.


I started having never run more than a half marathon, and this weekend I’ll run my second 20-miler.

I began training totally afraid of running 5 days a week, and did so strongly until my job (and social life) made that slightly more difficult.

I used to think that walking meant that I was weak, and not a real runner. I ran every run at the same effort. I’ve learned that strategic walking will help me run further and stay healthier – at least at this point in my life.

I never would have imagined how this marathon journey would change me – and I haven’t even run the race yet. While I wish that I would have shared it as it happened, I’m happy I still have this space to share some highs and lows!

Since when do I smile this big during/after long runs? Oh that’s right, when I’m NOT hurt.

What is new with you in the past 3.5 months? Tell me one thing you’re looking forward to!

7 thoughts on “I’m Back! + 3.5 weeks out

  1. New reader 🙂 I used to think the same thing about walking when running = weakness!! NOPE! I actually have a friend who did a marathon where she ran 2 miles, walked 1 mile and she had a pretty stinking good time…if you run at all you are a runner 🙂


  2. Welcome back! I also took a blogging break over the summer and while it was so needed, it’s also so good to be back. Good luck on your upcoming marathon!


  3. Hooray, you’re back… I was wondering where you went (I was a bit MIA myself the last couple of weeks while I had my parents visit), but I am glad you’re doing well and yay for someone special in your life who is taking up all your time 🙂 Best reason to be MIA in my opinion 🙂


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