Marine Corps Marathon Training: July – September

While I’m officially now in my “taper” I want to make sure to look back, and share how my marathon training has gone since I disappeared from the blogosphere. It started out very strong, and faded as I became busier with work and my relationship, but I can honestly say I feel like I’m in a great place being just 20 days away from the big day!

How I trained/am training:  I have been working with a coach who made a training plan for me, and a lot has been based on my heart rate zones. This has been huge – I was working at the actual levels of effort that you’re “supposed to” run at. Additionally, to lower injury risk, I’ve been doing Galloway-style run-walk intervals, because my main goal is to make it to the start line injury free. I typically do 60:30 intervals, but now that the weather’s changing I’m playing around with them a bit.

July: In July I felt like the perfect little runner. I ran most of my prescribed runs and tried to stay within my heart rate zone, which I quickly learned would become a craft. In the last week I missed two runs after getting sick. Aside from that, I ran 5 days a week and had long runs of 9, 10, 12, 14, and 10 miles. I finished with 122.7 miles for the month – my first 100+ mile month!

November Project remained in the plan, of course!

August: The month started off with becoming dehydrated after doing a long run after we had an Olympics viewing party at my place <– not a smart idea. It took me a good week to recover from that, I was so dehydrated I was truly sick. I went home to NH where I was supposed to do a race, but dropped out due to my uncle/relay partner being hit by a car while on his bike. Then I got sick again, and started my job. Running was all over the place, and I struggled with the heat and had some bad long runs. I had long runs of 11.5, 13, and 16  miles (and skipped one). I finished with 108.38 miles for the month – lower than July, which hurt my confidence, but I knew I would be fine.

September: September was more of August – struggling to get runs in between work, social outings, and time with Jake. My motivation wavered and mornings in bed won. Mentally, it became harder to run in the morning because I hated getting up with it was still dark out. Long runs were consistent and felt good again, and the only bad one was on a last minute trip back to NH. Long runs were of 18, 13.1 (race), 20, and 12 miles and I ended the month with 110 miles added to the bank – passing last year’s total!

Parks Half Marathon – recap coming soon!

It’s crazy to think of how many miles I’ve logged since July compared to the rest of the year. For once, with the right training and paces, I’ve run injury-free *knock on wood* since May, which is absolutely amazing. I’ve already changed so much through this process, and get emotional about Marathon day all the time, especially during long runs.

How do you gauge success of training cycles? How you feel when running? How your race goes?



3 thoughts on “Marine Corps Marathon Training: July – September

  1. I’ve still to find my way with training programmes, I download the ones from MyAsics with good intentions pre-race and then fall off them due to sickness or injury and then struggle to keep up. I think its great you’ve had a coach, must’ve made all the difference. I have started trail running recently and love it although the trail hills are killers, I decided going forwards I will walk them and preserve energy. Great blog by the way, and all the best for your race 🙂


  2. Oh my gosh! Hi there!! Thanks for checking out my blog. Having a coach definitely made a difference, even if it was just by making me get off my butt and run because I knew she was expecting me to. Thank you! Hope all is well with you and your family!


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