Marine Corps Marathon Training: 10/1 – 10/16/16

I can’t believe that Marathon day is now less than two weeks away! After the Baltimore Half Marathon this weekend, I’m seriously in “taper town” now and am trying to make it through the next two weeks without doing any harm to myself.

As I mentioned in my last post, my training got derailed when I started my job. It threw my training off to the point where I eventually had the goal of simply being on my feet 4-5 days a week, and that’s how it’s been through the first half of this month.

October 2nd (Sunday): 15 miles at home in New Hampshire. It was supposed to be 18, but forgetting to bring UCan, a change in elevation and temps, and poor eating the day(s) before threw me off.


October 3rd – 9th: 4 runs – 2 at easy effort, 1 at super easy effort, 1 long run for 35.11 miles. My long run was my second 20 miler and it went great. 3:54:07 for an average pace of 11:42 and 9:18 faster than my first 20 miler! I felt great after and was ready to start tapering.

October 10th – 16th: 3 runs – 1 at easy effort, 1 NP double workout (run + strength), 1 at race effort for 20.13 miles. I finished the week with the Baltimore Half Marathon, which I ran much harder than I should have, but with no regrets. I ended up taking Sunday off with some foot soreness that’s flared up over the past few days and being a little over-conscious.

Jake and I also ran .05K race – a whopping 164 feet!

These next two weeks I’m looking forward to many easy runs, a “race” with friends (that I truly will take it easy during), and of course PR Day at November Project. No PR will be happening for me, but it will give me a mental boost going into race day!

How has your October running been faring? Are you gearing up, or tapering down for any races?

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