Marine Corps Marathon: Initial Thoughts

On Sunday I ran my first marathon. How is it already over? While it felt like it took so long, it was over in the blink of an eye.


I ran my heart out. I ran great for 15 miles. I ran the race I was training for. Then my ITB started hating me and my knee locked up. My evenly paced race turned into a run/walk/walk some more struggle. But I finished.


In my frustration I find some solace that in terms of my heart and breathing, I felt fantastic. I could have kept moving faster if my knee didn’t feel so horrible. I don’t think I physically “hit the wall”, but mentally it got tough about half way over “the bridge” and when going around the pentagon again and again (or, what felt like it).

I’ll be sharing more soon in a recap, but thanks for everyone who supported me in this journey, and especially to my best friend for staying with me when I kept telling him to go on. He’s lucky enough that he’ll get a GIANT PR next time he runs a marathon!



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