NJ Marathon Training: Week 4!

When I wrote last week’s post, I was so excited for the next week and was hoping to write a post about how awesome week 4 was…well I was wrong.

Because, you see…I got sick January 1st, and I’ve been fighting the sick/not-sick train ever sense. And last week at work = terrible. I still ran, but I did what I had to in order to stay above water and also to try to get better.


Monday: Nothin, total nothing.

Tuesday: 4 easy, steady state miles on the treadmill. They felt harder than they should have, probably because it was approximately 150 degrees in the gym! (Planned for 5, but had to get back for BibChat!)


Wednesday: 5.4 miles – intervals with/on hills. I loved this hard run and I finished running up a big hill near my house that I always run down. It felt so good to crest it!

Thursday-Friday: Nothing. Thursday was beautiful but I had work commitments after work and got there super early.

Saturday: 15 miles around Baltimore. I was struggling with some reflux/heartburn from Friday night and an oncoming sinus infection, but I made it through! 5 miles super easy, 5 easy, and 5 moderate-hard. Finished almost 7:00 faster than my goal. #score.

I also somehow ice skated after running 15 miles…

Sunday: 4-5 miles were planned, but I was sick AF (sinus infection UGH) and layed low to give my body a break.

Total: 24.4 miles. Not what I wanted. I also didn’t want to spend the first 3 weeks of the new year sick and under so much stress at work. But, it is what it is. With a shorter long run this week, I’m hoping once again to get in 5 days, hopefully getting closer to 30 miles!

Good thing about the week — I earned a free LuLu shirt from completing a 40K challenge on Strava! I almost hit the 80K mark, but since I ran some runs on the treadmill, I was far from earning the shirt and shorts combo. (No biggie – I can’t run in their shorts anyway!)


Do you adjust running plans when you’re sick? 



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