NJ Marathon Training: Week 9

Finally – a week that I’m (mostly) proud of! While this week wasn’t totally perfect and my quad still isn’t 100%, I feel like Week 9 of training was the best so far this cycle.


Week 9 training: 

Monday: Rest day, obvs. I was feeling alright after Sundays 11 miles.

Tuesday: 4 miles. It was absolutely beautiful out, and a run definitely helped me unwind after work. Mondays and Tuesdays always seem to be rough, so I love my Tuesday runs.

Wednesday: 5 miles. 2.7 miles at November Project – It was PR day (the same workout the last Wednesday of each month). I PR’ed for the first time since July! Ran another 2.3 with Jake after work. He claims he slows down for me, but I run straight (no intervals) for him and he makes me walk 😛

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.58.56 PM.png

Thursday: Rest. This killed me. It was the nicest day of the year so far, but I had a 13 hour work day and worked 7a-8p. A run wasn’t happening.

Friday: Rest, I intended to do some strength, but I just did a whole lot of relaxing after work.

Saturday: 4.75 miles in Towson. I love running there – it brings back such happy memories of college and starting to run again. If I had realized I was going to be thisclose to 30 miles for the week, I would have run an extra quarter mile. Disclaimer: It was hot and humid, and my heart rate was sky-high for a pre-long run run.

Sunday: 16 miles. This run went surprisingly well. My legs felt great – it was almost a perfect progression with my last 7 miles under GMP. I did hate that on Saturday I ran in a skirt and a tank and Sunday required leggings and three top layers.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.59.34 PM.png

Week 9 total: 29.8 miles. (GRRR. MATH)

Last week would have been the best week for 5 days of running. (sigh-work). The weather won’t be as nice this week, but I’m still looking forward to 4-5 days of running. It should be 30+ mile week leading up to RNR DC in just two weekends! Don’t forget to sign up, before it’s too late! Saturday, 3/4 is the last day to register online! (Code good for all open Rock and Roll races, 13.1 or 26.2 distance.


Were you able to take advantage of last week’s spring-like weather?

2 thoughts on “NJ Marathon Training: Week 9

  1. The weather really was amazing last week. I hate being stuck in the office knowing it was so nice outside! I was able to run before work on Thursday but then I worked from 8-6:30. It was still nice to get out in the evening and walk outside into the warm air! Now this week’s weather just seems crazy- I don think I can keep up with it.


    • It was so crazy nice. I’m jealous of your Thursday run! I commuted from downtown and worked 7-8:30. Thank goodness conference nights are now done for the year. I wish the weather would just make up its mind!


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