New Jersey Marathon Training: Weeks 10 + 11

I can’t believe I’m already just 7 weeks away from marathon #2! This weekend I’ll run 18, which will be my longest run of this cycle so far. Seriously – just 4 more weeks of work then it’s taper time! Let’s recap one great week and one….not so great week.

ndnj marathon trainingwk 1011Week 10 (2/27-3/5) – This week did NOT go as planned.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Unplanned rest – It was storming out and the treadmills at my gym were full. I went home to eat dinner before running, and my stomach rejected dinner. I knew it would be dumb to run after being sick for an hour.

Wednesday: 5 miles with speed work. 1 mi WU, 1.5 miles of 1 interval hard/ 1 interval easy, 1.5 miles of 2 hard/1 easy, 1 mi CD. It was a beautiful morning, so being sick the night before worked out.

Thursday: I planned to run before Trivia, but didn’t bring warm enough clothes for the 30 mph winds. I went to a bike store and test rode a bike instead…

Friday: 5.1 miles easy – starting to like morning runs again. But boy, was it cold!

Saturday: 3 miles super easy-easy.

Sunday: 18 miles –> 6 miles. I was stressed, freezing, tired, and not into it. I made it 3 miles and had a second wave of high anxiety and turned around. My first true “given up” long run in well over 2 years.

Week 10 total: 19.1 miles <– OOPS.

Week 11 (3/6 to 3/12):

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 5.06 mi with Jake. It was a smorgesboard of miles, with no plan at all.

Wednesday: 8 miles on my new bicycle! I didn’t want to put too many miles on my legs after last week’s failures and before this weekend’s races. I had a perfect opportunity to use my bike and loved it.


Thursday: 6 miles before Trivia. I had a hard time keeping my HR down and ran the last loop of the lake (about 1.6 miles) with alternating fast intervals.

Friday: Rest – walking around the Rock N Roll DC expo!

Saturday: 2 mi WU + 13.3 miles for the Rock n Roll DC half marathon.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.42.30 PM

Sunday: 1 mi WU + 3.13 miles for the Shamrock 5K (recap coming tomorrow)!

Week 11 miles: 30.49 <– MUCH better

There aren’t many pictures for these weeks – sorry about that. I was honestly feeling a bit “burnt out” with running until this past weekend. Now I’m back in a better mindset and am ready to hammer out a few more weeks of serious training before taper time arrives!



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