New Jersey Marathon Training: Week 12

Week 12 is officially over, and was one of my best weeks of training yet in terms of quality miles. After yesterday’s long run, I have just 3 weeks of full on “training” left, then it’s taper time! ndnj marathon trainingwk 12

Monday: Rest – I felt suprisingly fresh after the weekend of racing, but spent some extra time rolling and using my Roll 8 Recovery, before indulging in snow day activities.

Tuesday: SNOW DAY. Nothing was done besides laying in bed and shoveling out my car. I figured an extra rest day wouldn’t hurt my legs.

Wednesday: 5 miles on the treadmill. The sidewalks were still covered in ice and snow. This was a great, controlled run with HR below 155 until the last half mile.


Thursday: 5.5 miles before trivia. I was pleasantly surprised that the lake path was cleared off! I was planning for 6 but ran out of time. Felt cold from the wind, but good.


Friday: 3.1 miles for the Baltimore Road Runner’s Club St. Patrick’s Day 5k! (That’s a mouthful). I’m not doing a recap but in short: I went to have fun, started out at a good speed. I passed a crapton of people in the second half  (and was only passed by 1 that I didn’t pass back) and finished with a very good time for myself: 27:53 (9:16, 9:20 (lost 10-15 seconds tying my shoe, 8:38)

After warming up and beers/wings at the post-race party!

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 18 miles – I had to go to a new place to run, as my normal trail is in bad shape from the recent snow/ice. I didn’t like the BWI airport trail very much, but it was a safe place to run and the rolling hills on a long run were a welcome change. It was boring and a mental challenge, but it was a strong run overall.


Week 12 total: 31.5 miles — I was aiming for a couple more, but I ain’t mad with a 30+ mile week. My quad is finally feeling about 90% and I’m starting to clean up my diet with the big race being only 6 weeks out from now! I’m trying to find a creative way/place to get in my 20 next week if my trail is ready…I’m NOT going back to the airport loop!

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I’m linking up with Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC for her Winter Training Recap linkup. Check out how other runners are training this winter!

Were any of your runs affected by Stella? 


9 thoughts on “New Jersey Marathon Training: Week 12

  1. Congrats on the strong long run this weekend!

    None of my runs were affected by Stella (i just did them on the treadmill since they weren’t too long), but it did affect my strength training classes since my gym was closed on Tuesday and I couldn’t make it to class on Wednesday. Oh well, what can you do? I’ll get in the classes this week!


  2. Great job! And congrats on the 5K! We were definitely affected by Stella in Philly, but thankfully the snow cleared up well enough to be able to run outside on Saturday!


  3. What didn’t you like about BWI? Ive never run there, but my coworker used to go there all the time to run. I was always tempted to go when I lived in the city but never made it there. I saw pics of the harbor this weekend and most of it looked clear, I was thinking should have driven down there to run!


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