What’s next? Summer 2017 Racing and Goals

Why yes, I did just finish a marathon a few days ago. And yes, I’m already worried about “what’s next”. While I respect the recovery process, my mind is already guns a’blazin for the next training cycle. I’m excited for what the rest of Spring and summer has in store for me. I have races set in stone through September, but for now I am going to focus on Mid-May through July – a short, but hopefully successful training and “racing” stint.


June 3rd: Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon just 5 weeks out from the marathon, I’m hoping for a decent showing. Last time I ran a half after a full, I set a big PR. I’m not expecting it on this course (hills, with typical heat and humidity). I’ll be happy with a good effort and fun as an ambassador for a second year.

July 4th: 4 on the 4th in Towson. I was hoping to run one in Maine, but I won’t be north in time for it. This was a fun one last year, but it came with lots of hills. I’m hoping for an improvement, but it probably won’t be super speedy.

Finishing last year’s 4 on the 4th!

July 8th: Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon! I can’t wait to run in Maine again, and there are so many reasons to be excited for this race. The beer. The pizza at the afterparty. My brother running a 5K (and hopefully the boyfriend, too) and my family being there to watch. The Casco Bay. The Old Port. All of this is despite the reputation of hot weather (YES, Maine gets HOT). Running for Bib Rave. I’m ready to make Maine mine for the morning. If it’s not blisteringly hot, I may be gunning for a PR.

One of my first races, running around Portland!

July 15 or 16: Maryland Sprint or Olympic Duathlon. I’m taking my bike for a spin for a run/bike/run. I haven’t yet decided if I want to do the sprint or olympic. Part of me wants to attempt both, but my wallet says otherwise. While I may not be “competitive” in this type of race, I do want to do my best and see what a good training cycle can do for me.

The process…and summer goals:

Running: Starting in Mid May, I plan to bring my running mileage back up to 30ish miles per week, with long runs of 12-15 miles and 4 running days a week for a solid month before tapering off before the Shipyard Half. I feel my body does great around this level and plan to keep this going throughout the summer, while I figure out fall plans. A summer goal is to maintain 100+ mile months June-August. (May won’t happen with marathon recovery). Another goal is to increase run:walk ratios. Currently I’m training with a 60:30 and doing speed work and longer races with 90:30. I’d like to increase my training intervals to a consistent 90:30 while keeping a low HR, and increasing that speed/race intervals to 120:30.

Cycling: I can’t wait to get on my bike some more! I need to get on planning rides with friends, who like to bike around Annapolis and DC. Along with completing the Duathlon (13/26 miles), my goal for the summer is to do a 40 mile ride on the rail trail. I aim to do one bike ride on the weekends, and hopefully at least one during the week once school ends.

Strength: I always say that I want to do strength, but always slack. However, seeing my run times improve without strength, makes me hungry to see how much they will improve with this added in. I’ve slacked with November Project all winter, largely due to work stresses. Starting next week I’m determined to get back into going every week, and after the school year ends, I intend to double (5:30 and 6:30 workouts) most weeks. I’ve also been curious about doing a burpee challenge and a TRX is on my wish list.

Eating/Drinking: I was on a great streak for the last month before the NJ Marathon. I was eating much healthier and cut down on my beer intake. In turn, I arrived at marathon day 6 pounds lighter just from making healthier choices. Now that I’ve indulged for a few days, I’m ready to keep moving forward. At least if I only indluge in beer on the weekends, I have enough in my stock to last me the summer!


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