Charles St 12 miler training: 7/31-8/6

Last week, I shared that I’d no longer be participating in the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half marathon. For a few days after I made that decision, I felt lost, especially with some other race plans for the end of the year crashing down as well. But then I signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival’s BaltiMORON-A-Thon (5K and 13.1 in the same morning) and felt slightly more excited and motivated. But before that comes the Charles Street 12 miler.

Charles Street 12 Miler

I’m taking it as a blessing that this can now be a race that I focus more on. I ran the 12 miler three years ago as my first distance race once I started to run again. It was a complete failure and I finished with a measly time of 2:35. I learned so much that day, especially now that I look back on it. I’m happy that I’ve been working on a half marathon training program that is more speed based than what I’ve done before, so not only can I set a course/12 mile PR come September 2nd, but I can also put up a time I”m more proud of.

This was utterly and entirely fake. I was doing 13-14min miles at this point.

The training I’ve been following for the last month or so is a slightly modified Hal Higdon Half Marathon Intermediate 2 plan. I’ll be following it until this race, have a couple of “down” weeks, then start Goofy Challenge training. I’ve made some weekday runs longer to increase mileage, as well as switch an easy run out with November Project. I’ve also continued my Galloway intervals. I have been doing most long runs at a 90:30 walk/run interval, do speed/tempo workouts either based on distance or at a 120:30 interval, and easy runs at a 60:30. My tempo, race pace, and long run paces were calculated using the McMillan calculator for a 2:08 half marathon goal (which I’ll share more about when I can…)

I slightly recapped July last week, but this was the first week in a few weeks that everything got done.

Monday: No running, “deck of cards” strength workout that got me supah sweaty

Tuesday: 6 miles – an easy day was scheduled, but I ran great doing 60:30’s in a light rain, and picked the pace up. I thought I was only going to have time for 4, but it took forever for Jake to get home from his new job, so I ran around in circles while waiting for him.

Wednesday: 5 miles for a November Project double. The workout was fun and cardio based. I ran fast (for me) doing suicides, and decided to count this as my speed work day, because I definitely did just that.

Photo cred: Gio Vargas

Thursday: Rest – it wasn’t planned, but I slept through my 5 alarms, and didn’t have time due to plans and work, then storms.

Friday: 4 miles super easy (60:30 intervals). It’s never easy to keep my HR in my SEE zone when I run around my house due to the hills but I do my best!

Saturday: 5 miles – 1 mi wu/cd (60:30 intervals), 3 miles at 120:30 intervals, nearing goal half marathon race pace (9:46). I definitely didn’t hit the 9:46, but was in the low 10’s and would have been closer if I had rethought my route. Speedy run on the Inner Harbor Promenade at 6pm on a Saturday? Bad idea.

Sunday: 10 miles on the first half of the Charles St 12 course. Last time these hills killed me, so I wanted to reaquaint myself with them. Realistically, they’re not that bad at all. Ran 60:30 on the first 5 to keep my HR low, then 90:30 on the way back. My heart rate stayed at a decent level with the longer intervals.

Total miles: 30. <– First 30 mile week since April!! Today’s a rest day and I feel great aside from some tightness in my glutes that I need to work on.

Have you ever had a season when your race plans just seem to fail you?

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