Goofy Challenge Training Week 2: 9/11 – 9/18/17

Happy Saturday everyone (well, Sunday, really). I have a weekend to myself, and with my long run being done this morning, I’ve already been reflecting on my week!

This week was weird for me because it was much lower mileage-wise than I have been running in a long time. My training plan has “down” weeks every other week, as opposed to every fourth weekend. So for right now that means one 7-9 mile run on the weekend, aside from a short run and a longer run. This will be nice when I’m up to doing 7+17 in a weekend, but for now I’m “bored” by the short weekend mileage, and even the mileage during the week.

Monday: 3 miles super easy. After last weekend’s long run fiasco (and actually being sore?!) I took it real slow and easy. And guess what? It felt great!

Tuesday: 5 miles at Planet Fitness. I simply could.not. get out of bed in the morning but thankfully I just joined the gym near work so I put my membership to use!

Wednesday: 4 miles during 2 workouts at November Project. It was one of my favorite workouts, with about half cardio and half strength. My legs and arms were sore the next day!

Thursday10 minutes on the elliptical as a warm up, then about 45 minutes of weights and strength work (arms and core).

Friday: Rest. I planned to cross train or do a few easy miles, but I came down with a cold and spent most of the day sleeping!

Saturday: 9 miles of hills! My plan called for only 7, but I wanted more, so I added a couple of miles and headed to a hilly area. I felt the completely opposite of last weekend.

Sunday: Rest day

Weekly miles: 21. Not sure how much I’m going to like the drastic changes from week to week. We’ll see how it goes, and the off weeks may add more miles to be closer to the “on” weeks.


This week I’m linking up with Tricia at misssippipiddlin  and Holly from HoHoRuns for the weekly  Wrap Up. Check out their page to see other bloggers’ weekly wrap ups!

7 thoughts on “Goofy Challenge Training Week 2: 9/11 – 9/18/17

  1. I definitely think cut back weeks are important. I usually plan to do them every 3 weeks or so, that way I build some mileage and then recover. I do think you will appreciate them alot more when the mileage gets up there!


  2. Interesting plan with every other week cut-backs…I haven’t seen that before, but I’m always looking to learn about different theories!


    • It is interesting! It’s a Hal Higdon plan, and I think the theory is that for people who are running the Dopey Challenge (all 4 Disney races), he doesn’t want runners to get injured once they start doing the Dopey simulation weekends.


  3. I think when you get into the higher double mileage weekends, you’ll appreciate every other week being a cut back. I’m still considering the Disney Marathon (only). It hasn’t sold out yet and it’s hard to pass on the 25th anniversary. Thanks for linking!


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