About Me

Hi there, I’m Sam – a twenty-something runner, speech-language pathologist, partial nerd, and self-proclaimed beer snob.


I hail from northern New Hampshire, where I first came to running in high school. I struggled with self-confidence and poor body-image and running was a way for me to deal with it. I reconnected with running during my senior year of college in Maryland in 2014. I call Baltimore my home and couldn’t be happier anywhere else.


Running keeps me sane, healthy, and gives me a way to be adventurous. I crave the excitement of the starting line and the relief of the finish line. When I’m not running, you’ll find me watching the Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, or Star Wars, doing my nails, solving logic problems, or pinning my fantasy Lilly Pulitzer wardrobe.

Follow along with me as I run up and down the east-cost and reach towards my first marathon finish in October 2016!


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