Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 8 (8/3 – 8/9/15)

This week definitely was a challenging one! My leg was feeling a bit better, but I still had to keep my miles in check after being pretty low mileage for a few weeks. I didn’t want to suddenly jump too high and make any improvements worthless. I can’t believe the marathon is in just 10 weeks!

Monday: 12 miles, 2:22 –> last week’s long run that didn’t happen on Sunday. I actually did this on the treadmill, slow and steady. I started off with 20:5 run/walk intervals, and then did .1 walk/.9 mi run for the last 3 miles. My leg actually felt great the whole time!

Tuesday: Rest – leg was bothering me again

Wednesday: Yoga 30 day challenge days 6 (lower back) and 7 (Intro to Crow pose). I’ve fallen a little behind in the challenge but I’m still trying to finish it before the end of August!

Thursday: 2 miles easy, tech-free. I did 5 strides to get myself moving before Saturday’s race.

Friday: Rest (More like I forgot to bring my yoga mat to NH with me…)

Saturday: 10K run (1:02:48), 2.7 mi hillclimb (1:06:25). More to come on that later!

Team Cloutier/Santy alive at the top at the mountain!
Team Cloutier/Santy alive and (almost) well at the top at the mountain!

Sunday: Not sure yet! I’m heading to the beach after work and may swim a little bit, and may also go on a short walk this evening. My leg is hurting bad, which is my fault (I didn’t roll it out or ice it yesterday) so I need to treat it well the next couple of days!

Weekly miles: 22.9

The Baltimore Marathon is now the next big event on my schedule! I may throw a half marathon in before then, but all my focus is towards finishing 26.2 in one piece and feeling healthy!

Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 7 (7/27 – 8/2/15)

Week 7 of BRF training is almost over! Despite my leg issues, now named MLA (mystery leg ailment), I am planning to make it through my long run today. Lots of foam rolling and trigger pointing has been helping some, and I am working hard to stay positive that enough babying it will help it resolve soon.

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 1 (intro)

Wednesday: 3 mi slow on the treadmill (made it 1.25 miles before my leg started to hurt), arm + ab weights, 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 2 (arms & chest)

Thursday: Elliptical simulated speed workout (55ish minutes), leg weights, 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 3 (yoga for posture)

Workout from
Workout from

Friday: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 4 (abs pt. 1)

Saturday: 3 mi at work (30:00), 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 5 (abs pt. 2). Demoed some Asics GT-2000’s that our Asics Tech Rep brought for the run and I liked them almost as much as my Kayanos!

HEY WE HAD A GUY! He kept us running fast for a Saturday morning. Ran off Friday's beers ;)
HEY WE HAD A GUY! He kept us running fast for a Saturday morning. Ran off Friday’s beers 😉

Sunday: 30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 6, walking around Montreal!

12 mi SLOW was on the docket for this morning, but I had another sleepless night last night. I don’t run well after a bad night sleep so I’m just going to do it tomorrow. (Monday) My leg starts cramping up when I stop after I run, so I’m attempting to ditch the intervals for this one and just push through.

All stocked up with honey stinger goodness.
All stocked up with honey stinger goodness.

July miles: 63.27. Much lower than I’d like, but I expected that with missing almost a whole week in Maryland, not hitting a couple of long runs, and my MLA.

Total 2015 miles: 467.92. Yeah that yearly mileage goal isn’t going to be met. I’m good at missing goals.

Your favorite fuel type/brand/flavor?

Do you find crosstraining on the elliptical works for you?

Boston Marathon Training Week 5 (7/13 – 7/19/15)

Hey everyone! After a really quiet week in Plattsburgh, I’ve escaped to Boston this weekend to see M.! You can all assume I’ve been having a great time, as this is the first time I’ve really gone to Boston, without being with family for a Red Sox game or on a school field trip. If all has gone well, I even did my long run down here, exploring some sights and running along the marathon course!

Monday: Rest. I had a “me night” after work involving margs and Minions!


Tuesday: 3 miles at the gym, arm weights

1st run in my new Asics Gel Kayanos
1st run in my new Asics Gel Kayanos

Wednesday: 3 miles at a community 5K. It sucked. Real  hard.

Thursday: My first mini-triathlon! 200m swim, 8 mi bike, 1.6 mi run. You’ll learn more about this soon, but it was quite the challenge. Also biked 2 miles to and from the race.

swim. bike. run.
swim. bike. run.

Friday: Rest/play tourist

Saturday: Rest/walk 10000 miles

Sunday: 7 miles around Boston. I had planned on 8, but ran out of water and forgot to bring fuel with me. I took the right onto Hereford and left onto Boylston. Love. It.

The beginning of this week was hard for multiple reasons. I was physically and mentally struggling through my runs, and simply felt very fatigued. When I wasn’t working out, I was in bed all day, either sleeping or watching netflix. I had zero energy! Also, my right calf is hurting pretty bad. I’ve been rolling and trigger pointing, but it wasn’t feeling much relief. Therefore I cut out a few miles for my mental psyche and to give my leg a break. I did start running in support shoes (Asics Gel Kayano), but it was hurting before I switched shoes so I don’t think it’s that. Hopefully with treating it well the pain will go down soon.

Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 4 (7/6 – 7/12/15)

Week four is done! I can’t believe I’m a month into this journey already. 3 months and 4 days until I run 26.2!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3.1 miles with Beth (aka one of the bests and my best running friend, duh). It was hilly and humid but wonderful. I can’t wait until I move and can run with her more! I ran in a pair of Brooks Adrenalines, which I liked but were a tad too small.

Old pic before the Chuck 12 last year!
Old pic before the Chuck 12 last August!

Wednesday: REST. I was not having any movement after a crazy/wonderful week with lots of traveling.

Thursday: 5.81 miles (w/ 4:1 intervals). It was really slow going, and my legs felt super heavy. Felt alright besides the slow pace though! It wasn’t the MGP run I was planning for, but I’m happy I just got it done.

Friday: 3.03 miles @ The Mayor’s Cup 5K (28:34). There’s not too much to write about this so I won’t do a full recap. It was flat and easy, and while I tried to push for a PR I knew quickly it wasn’t going to happen. So I ended up just having fun and it was one of my fastest paced runs in a while. I’ve been slacking on speed work so it’s crazy of me to think I could run much faster right now.

Photo from Fleet Feet Plattsburgh.

Saturday: 3 miles @ Fleet Feet. Thankfully we kept it slow this morning, as one of the ladies and I were both not feeling well. I didn’t roll my calves out after the 5K and definitely paid for it.

Sunday: 9.7 miles (w/ 4:1 intervals). This run was a struggle from the start. T-storm forecasts and a camelback that exploded on me didn’t help. I ended up having to stop three times for some tummy troubles, the last one finally causing me to cut the run 1.3 miles short. I struggled really hard, so this was more of a mental workout for me. By body felt alright, just heavy and tired!

Weekly miles: 24.64

This is one of my highest mileage weeks ever, so I’m not surprised it felt really hard. I also ran an extra day due to work, and running 4 days in a row is normally a no-no for me! I had no idea when I started running this week how hard of a week it would be, which I should have expected I only ran twice in Maryland. I didn’t sign up for a marathon for it to be easy so I’m bound to have not-so-good weeks. My paces this week were slow and all of my runs felt really hard. But it was good to work on my mental strength, which is my biggest weakness.

I’m looking forward to this week with a new adventure on Thursday and a long run in Boston on Saturday!

Have you had any rough runs lately?

Any tips for tummy troubles while running? It’s been a common denominator for me lately and I’m making it a priority to figure it out!

Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 2 (6/22 – 6/28/15)

There’s not much to say about this week aside from it went really well running-wise. I think the hardest part was me not running too much simply because I’m feeling so good. After a good 6-8 months of something always hurting when I ran, my body feels great. Nothing hurts, and I’m able to just enjoy my miles. Knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx myself though… Warning: I’m still slacking on workout pictures…one day it’ll happen. It’s just not a priority of mine (and I don’t often run with my phone for photos).

Monday: 30 mins elliptical (hill setting), leg + ab weights

Tuesday: 3 mi run/walk with a friend.

Wednesday: 5 mi (50:00) on the TM, on the hill setting, with 1.5 mile fast-finish (gradually went down to 9:20 pace). It felt hard but good. I haven’t ran on the TM in a while so it my calves didn’t hate me.

Thursday: 3 mi run/walk with a friend, arm + ab weights at the gym, then 3 mi (32:30) solo run in the evening. The solo run was a little rough, but hey, it happens.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: Woke up not feeling great so just did 3 miles at work. My plan had a 9 mile run for the day, so I did 6 miles (9:52 avg.) in the evening. They. were. incredible and I was so tempted to keep going. The whole 4:1 interval thing is really working out for me. I was running an 8:20 pace through my middle intervals and felt like a beast.

New Skirt!! (Ignore the messy room...)
New Skirt!! (Ignore the messy room…)

Sunday: (plan) 30 mins elliptical, weights

Weekly total: 23 miles.

If I rated my weeks, this one would definitely get an A rating for me. Nutrition wise….well that’s another story. Let’s say that I definitely struggle with eating bad food, mostly because it’s convenient and it makes me feel happy. I’m trying to work on it, and know it will make me a better runner, but I know it’ll be a process!

I’m interested to see how next week will go with travel (MARYLANDDDD) but I’ll make sure to get it all done!

Bring it on, week 3!

How did your long run go this week?

Baltimore Marathon Training: Week 1 (6/15 – 6/21/15)

I made it through week 1 of my training plan! Thank goodness, because if not that would be a bad sign…I’m looking more and more forward to this adventure. I’m trying to get M. and or my mom to go down to Maryland for the race, and the charity team director and I are working to get my registration moved up to the marathon (it’s been a three week process so far…). While a couple days of my plan did get a little moved around, I was happy with how it went!

Monday: Stair climber, abs and leg weights

Tuesday: am: 3 mi (10:54 avg). It wasn’t hot, but the 91% humidity was killing me! This felt really hard.

pm: 1.8 mi run/walk with a friend, arm and ab weights

Obviously thought I deserved wings after a 3-workout day!
Obviously thought I deserved wings after a 3-workout day!

Wednesday: My first MGP tempo workout! Ended up with 5 mi, 51:27, 10:28 avg. My middle three miles were all 10:30, which I was very happy with. I had some tummy troubles which made the run more difficult and I definitely ran a fastest last mile home…

Thursday: More tummy troubles turned today into a rest day

Friday: 2.75 mi, 27:07 (9:52 avg). Cut it .25 short due to yet again more tummy issues. GRRRR. However it was the most beautiful day and I wish I could have ran forever!

Saturday8.21 miles @ 10:26 avg. The first 5.21 were on my own, done in 4:1 run/walk intervals. (My plan is to do a run/walk approach to the marathon to avoid injury). The last 3 were with the running group at work. The avg. pace for the 5.21 and 3 were both 10:26 which made my little OCD brain happy.

Sunday: Rest. Helped M. move out of his old apartment and sunk into a book when I got home.

Total week miles: 20.76


I was incredibly happy with this week, especially my long run. I actually really enjoyed the intervals. The timing of them was perfect (based on the Galloway method) and I kept a pretty brisk pace during my running segments. All I need to do is figure out my stomach. It’s been giving me problems in general all week!

How did your workouts this week? Are you training for anything in particular?

Marathon Training: It’s Here!

In the last couple of weeks, I hit a lull in my training and let myself “slack off” because I had some time before I needed to start my training plan. This was good because in the last two weeks I didn’t really want to run. My body got some needed time off but I could tell how much I needed to run. My mood changed significantly, I felt sluggish, and I wasn’t sleeping well.

However, yesterday was the official start to my marathon training! I’m excited to find purpose to my runs again, not only because I love running and completing a marathon in a big goal of mine, but also because I’m running the marathon for a cause. I’m running the Baltimore Marathon for Team Kennedy Krieger, and all of the money donated goes towards their spinal cord injury center to purchase adapted equipment so these patients can participate in sports. I happily picked to run for Kennedy Krieger because I’ve known of their amazing centers for years, and muck of their diverse client population are people that I hope to work with in the future. I couldn’t help but want to run for such a life-changing institution for so many people, and I love knowing that the money raised is directly used to help their clients.


Why did I decide to run a marathon anyways? I’ve always thrived when working toward new challenges and this is just that. 26.2 miles scares me, but that gives me more of a reason to work towards running it. I’m lucky to not only have the ability to run, but the desire to keep going to new heights with it. I’m running Baltimore because it’s where I fell in love with running again, and ever since the idea of running 26.2 popped into my head, I knew I didn’t want my first one to be anywhere else. I don’t care that it’s a hard marathon, the harder the better in my opinion. I cannot wait for that crab medal!

Click for source
Click for source

I’ll be following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Marathon plan, because it fits what I know my body can handle (4 running days a week, no more than 3 in a row), it starts off gradually, and I’m very comfortable with where the long runs start off. I’ve used his plans for half marathons before and I think this is the perfect plan for my first marathon.

I’m looking forward to sharing this crazy journey of mine with all of you who are lucky enough (haha) to stop by my blog. If any of you want to help me reach my fund raising goal for Kennedy Krieger, feel free to here!

Running 5/25 – 5/31/2015

I cannot believe today is the last day of May and that I am running half marathon #5 today! I missed doing weights at the gym while I was away this week. I had a so-so week of running so far, so let’s hope that changes today!

Monday: 3 miles in Bar Harbor. I felt like my legs were disconnected from my body and it wasn’t fun. It was 80* with 95% humidity. I’m still getting used to summer running!

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 miles in Bar Harbor. My first two runs there stunk, so I ran this one without my watch but with my music. I ran the reverse of what I ran Monday and I felt great! Also Sea Kayaked for about 1:15, doing about 2.5 miles

Thursday: 4.5 trail miles. I rode the struggle bus. 3.5 miles was my “race” and then backtracked once I finished until I found my mom, who was about .5 miles back (she started before me) and finished with her.

Friday – Saturday: Rest. I should have done a little shakeout on Saturday but I didn’t. Oh well.

Sunday: 13.1 miles! I can’t wait to share how it goes with you all!

Total for the week: 23.6 miles

Total May Miles: 89.44. My highest monthly mileage to date!!

2015 miles: 338.89 miles

One of my June goals is definitely going to be getting better at taking pictures of my workouts…

Half Marathon #5, Coming Right Up!

Tomorrow I’ll be running my 5th half marathon, my 3rd in about a month and a half. I can’t say I feel totally prepared for it. Yes, I know I’ll finish (hopefully without a problem) because I have the fitness under my belt. However, I haven’t gotten in a long run since 5/9 (13 miles) and that makes me nervous. I spent most of the week not really looking forward to it, until I remembered that I was asked to be on Team Mighty Matthew.

Can't wait to earn this super cute medal! (Click to the source)
Can’t wait to earn this super cute medal! (Click to the source)

Matthew is a young boy from my area in NY with Mitochondrial disease, and many other related health problems. Before learning about him, I never even knew what Mitochondrial disease was. I’ve been reading his mother’s blog where she posts about his family’s journey, and it made me so happy that I was asked to run with this group by some ladies from my Saturday runs at Fleet Feet.

Image from
Image from

Throughout everything, Matthew seems to be so spirited and positive. He is an inspiring young man and I can’t wait to run for him on Sunday. Whenever I get tired or start to slow, I’ll think of how if he can fight every day, and deal with all of the medicines and surgeries, I can deal with 13.1 potentially rainy miles.

So while I had originally thought I was going to blow off making goals for the race and just do it, I’m taking the challenge in stride. I had two great halfs in April and hope to finish off my little half marathon streak in style!

Goal A: 2:11 (10:00 pace)

Goal B: sub 2:15

Goal C: PR (Sub 2:15:35)

I can’t wait to share with you all how this goes, as well as what I’ll be working towards after this race!

Running 5/18 – 5/24

Greetings from Bar Harbor, Maine!

I’m pretty sure this felt like my most lackluster week (running-wise) in a while. I felt like I couldn’t get any “speed” (it’s a relative term here) going and I was nursing an angry heel. However, I think I was smart to take an extra rest day or two and get it under control!

Monday: 4.5 miles run/walk on the treadmill. My heel was really tight so I took it easy while watching Dancing with the Stars at the gym.

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: AM strength training, PM 6.4 miles running. It was slower than the last time I did the route, but I didn’t walk, which I was happy with.

Thursday: 3.5 mile trail run. It was part of the weekly series I did last year. The course was super rugged this year. I slowly made it through while only walking two really steep technical parts. I demoed some trail shoes and loved them. Oh, and I got a free pair of feetures! (My favorite sock)

Friday – Saturday: Rest (or more like I couldn’t get up Saturday morning…)

Sunday: 4.5 miles adventuring around Bar Harbor!


Weekly total: 18.9 miles. (not as bad as I thought!)

How was your running week?