Currently: April 2017

For the past few months I’ve been writing only about running and limiting personal stuff on here. I guess that’s what happens when you get a job and truly enter the “real world”. But I’ve been craving a “currently” post because I’m simply loving so many new things lately!

Snacks: I’m all about the healthier snack options lately. Especially Krave Jerkey, Moon Cheese, and Halo Top.

IMG_0167 1
Not the kale chips. Those were gross – I’ll stick to making my own…

Movies: I watched the Jurassic Park movies for the first time a few weeks ago. How did I live 25 years before seeing these?

DrinksI’m getting back into tea. I go in streaks with it. Now that it’s time I cut back on the alcohol before the marathon, tea’s my at-home drink of choice!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.43.58 PM

Baseball: My favorite professional sport is BACK! Sadly, adulting meant no Opening Day for me today, but I can’t wait to get to some games with Jake soon!

JakeOs 1

Beer: What, did you think I ‘m totally done with beer? Not til the week of the race. The Terrapin Hi 5 (grapefruit) IPA has been fueling me at trivia the past few weeks. So. Good.

TV: Dancing is back, Dancing is back! I sadly can’t watch it on Mondays because I’m a good roommate and I’m sharing the TV, but thank god for my brother’s Hulu subscription so I can watch it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Me time: Bath bombs have become my lifeee! I love a good bath with a bomb, epsom salts, a glass of wine, and the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. #thelife.


What are some of your April “currentlies”?

4/27 – 5/2/15 + April Round-Up

I’ve arrived back in Plattsburgh after a wonderful couple of days in Burlington, VT. It killed me to come back knowing that M. is moving on Friday. But at least we had a great weekend and yesterday I got him to run with me!

This week was pretty low on the miles as I was letting my body recover from last weekend’s half marathon. For the most part I felt pretty good, except for a few random aches and pains. I’m ready to get back into the full swing of things this week – especially as finals are starting and I definitely need my stress relief!

Monday-Tuesday: Rest. I went to the gym for a few minutes on Monday to do some weights, but that was it.

Wednesday: 1.82 miles, 9:28 avg pace. I did a quick little loop around campus after class.

Thursday: 4 miles, weights. Had a little soreness in the outside of my right ankle, but it hasn’t come back since.

Friday: Rest…well I walked about a mile to the bar and back 😛


Saturday: 3 miles at work. Running 13 with my two main ladies this Saturday!

Sunday: 4 miles with M. in Burlington. They were hilly and it was hot. Well, only 75, but it was the first hot run of the year. I’ll have to ease into the day time runs and start going out more in the morning/evening again. I was dying at the end and he hardly broke a sweat….

Weekly miles: 12.82. I was hoping for more. I originally planned to do 6-8 yesterday but I was not ready for the sudden heat wave. But I’m feeling great after my race. This week will include more mileage and hopefully a speed workout if I can be disciplined enough to get my studying done.

April round up

In April I….

  • Ran 67.55 miles. A little lower than what I was hoping for, but considering I had many light weeks around races I am okay with it. I have ran 249.95 miles in 2015 so far. A bit behind where I wanted to be but it was a long winter running on the treadmill…
  • Stayed injury free! I really didn’t have any nagging pains for the first time in a since August, really.
  • Ran half marathon #3 in a time of 2:20:52. 9 minutes taken off from last September and a new PR!
  • Ran half marathon #4 in a time of 2:15:35. 5:57 taken off in two weeks and another PR!
  • Kind of failed at the blogging thing. I’ll be much better at it when the semester ends. 12 more days, y’all. 12 more days. 

How many miles did you run in April? Did you run long this weekend?