Weekly Recap 6/1-6/7/14

The first week of my half marathon training (well, for my 12 miler, then half) is complete! I am using the Hal Higdon “novice 1” plan that has been tailored a bit so that my long runs will fall on Saturday instead of on Sunday.

Sunday 6/1 – Rest, 5,902 steps. Spent the day at my brother’s fiancee’s bridal shower.

Monday 6/2 – 3.1 miles (29:38), 14,130 steps. Took my grandmother and her sister to Portsmouth to go shopping and bought myself these beauties! (I didn’t check my training plan in the morning…I was actually only supposed to do 2 miles this morning – whoops.)

Brooks Ghost 7's
Brooks Ghost 7’s

Tuesday 6/3 – 3.5 miles (36:37), 12,975 steps. This morning’s run was hard physically and mentally. I had a different breakfast than normal and it was warmer than I was expecting. The sun really got to me and I thought about giving up and walking home. But I did it and I was proud of making it through the struggle. Also walked 2.4 miles with my mom.

Wednesday 6/4 – Rest, 10,247 steps. Walked 1.3 miles with my mom.

Thursday 6/5 – 3.2 miles (35:11 – on trails), 12,115 steps. This week’s attempt at running trails for the Solomon Trail Running Series  was much more successful than last week. I learned early on that I took a wrong turn last week and ran .6 extra (that .6 was a very hard, switchback/hill singletrack trail). This week’s attempt was much more enjoyable and I walked less. I’m looking forward to improving more next week! Walked an additional 1.3 miles while my mom did 2 min walk/jog intervals. I really enjoy helping her reach her new fitness goals!

Friday 6/6 – Rest, 10,854 steps. I woke up itching to run. I understand the purpose of rest days, but this is a day that I wished they weren’t necessary. Walked 1.8 miles while my mom jogged. I swear she got me the garmin so she could use it 😛

Saturday 6/7 – 5 miles (56:24), 10,370 steps (at 10:30 am). This was the first “official” long run of my half marathon training. It did not go so hot, at all. I couldn’t get into a rhythm and I kept experiencing stabbing pains in my shin. Between that and feeling nauseous starting at around mile 3.5, I almost gave up and went home. While I walked a few times, I’m glad I did the whole 5 miles. I can’t say I’ve been eating/drinking healthy the last few days which probably didn’t help me. Hopefully next week’s long goes better!

Weekly Miles: 15.7 running, 6.8 walking with mom

How did your long run go this week?

Do you go walking/running with your family?