Charles St 12 Taper and Race Time: 8/28-9/3/17

SEPTEMBER IS HERE! That means fall weather, marathon/Goofy training, Octoberfest beer, and FALL WEATHER. It also meant it was time for the Charles St 12 miler! I’ll recap how the race went later this week, but for now, let’s look at the week leading into the race.

Monday: Rest day. I’d say “as always”, but this was my last Monday “rest day” for a long time!

Tuesday4 miles at easy effort. It was a low key, enjoyable run in some beautiful weather!

Wednesday: 2.9 miles at November Project. I was hoping for a PR and for a double, but neither happened. My body and legs felt disconnected during the 5:30 workout where I was going for a PR. My stomach felt empty and crampy (I’m dieting and was having lady problems. GREAT). My legs felt heavy. I dropped the PR attempt and just ran to ran, getting a decent workout in. After the workout, I sat to have some water, and when I got up I rolled my ankle. I heard it pop twice and quietly freaked out before I played it safe and came home. Later in the day I walked 2 miles with an ankle brace. My ankle felt OK until I had about .25mi left to go until Jake’s house.

Thursday: 10 miles on my bike. I really wanted to get some more exercise in, but wanted to rest my ankle. An easy bike ride felt great!

Friday: (just) 1 mile to test the ankle. I ran with the brace I bought and my ankle felt almost back to normal. Planned for another mile or so to shake out the legs, but my gut had other ideas.

Saturday: 12 miles at the Charles St 12 miler! I had an awesome day and the race gave me a renewed sense of confidence going into marathon training.

Sunday: Rest! I’m actually a little sore after yesterday’s hills. I rarely get sore after runs anymore, but race pace miles and hills will do that to ya!

Weekly total: 20.1 miles

August total: 125.4 miles

Year to date: 793 miles!

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