Maryland Sprint Duathlon: Race Recap

About a month ago, I completed my first true multi-sport event! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get to recapping it, because I had a great experience and it definitely made me hungry to do more multi-sport events.

Despite my success, I honestly almost didn’t even go to this race.  I hadn’t gotten on my bike as much as I hoped/planned. I was planning to do this with a friend, and when I found out that week that she wasn’t going to go, I was crushed. I was bummed and very anxious about something going wrong and me being all alone. Topping this off with Jake not wanting to go (he doesn’t love spectating and hates early mornings…), I was going into the morning with a negative attitude.

Pre-Race: I left around 5:00 to get to the start with plenty of time to rack my bike and prepare. My biggest worry about the morning was forgetting my bike. I remembered it, so the day was obviously a success. I arrived at 5:45, and was pretty much set up by 6:15 for the 7:00 start. Two girls parked next to my car were having bike troubles, so I helped and we got to talking. Finds out they were first-timers as well, and one of the girls is also training for Goofy! It lifted my spirits to make some new friends. An instagram follower also said hello in the “corral”, which gave me some mojo back as well.

Sriracha jersey!

IMG_1534 2

Run 1 – 2 miles, 19:36: The age group women took off and I got in a little pack with the three ladies I had met lining up. I felt great for the first mile, while already facing rolling hills. Any 2 mile run to me feels pretty uneventful. I ran straight for about 1.25 miles before taking a short walk break. A lady told me I was a good pacer, but there was a lot of race left on a warm, humid morning. (Garmin stats: 2.09 mi, 19:43, 9:39 avg)

Transition 1, 2:05: I came into transition and walked to my bike to lower my heart rate a little. The other girls I ran around were out well before me, but I didn’t want to do something stupid like forget my helmet or glasses.

Bike – 13 miles, 56:49: The bike is where I felt awesome in this race. Within a mile of leaving the transition area, I passed the group of ladies I was running with, that left on their bikes before me. This portion of the race was hills hills hillsbut I feel I held my own. I was passed by quite a few people with tri bikes on the downhills and flats, but kept my own on the hills, and even passed others. Realistically, I was just proud to make it up the hills without walking my bike. I had a couple of Chomps around mile 10 just to keep my sugar/salt levels up, because I was soaked with sweat. I came up the last mile passing people finishing their run feeling great. Despite being passing quite a few people at the beginning, more ladies with more lighter/aerodynamic bikes passed me. (Garmin stats: 13.43 mi, 56:32, 14.3 mph)

Transition 2 – 1:43: I dismounted my bike and ran it to the rack. I was feeling pumped and was afraid my legs would cramp up if I moved too slowly. My main goal was to actually remember to take my helmet off – success. Helmet off, hat on – the sun came out and it was HOT.

Run 2 – 2 miles, 22:53: There was a water stop right outside of transition, so I grabbed one and dumped it over my head to cool down because I was definitely starting to feel overheated. It was a stupid idea because then I had sweat in my eyes! Uck. I spent the run doing unstructured run/walk intervals, based on what I could see ahead of me. I was not fast, but did the best I could with my legs definitely not feeling loose. I passed a few people, and was passed by just 1. While I walked a bit more than I would have hoped, I finished with a big smile on my face! (Garmin stats: 2.09 mi, 22:54, 10:59 avg)

Finish: My overall finish time was 1:43:04 for 44th out of 80 women. I went in with a goal of 2 hours (I was nervous for the hills!) and a reach goal of 1:50, so I was stoked! Not only did I make my goals, but I came in 3rd in my age group.

Kickstand club!

I quickly replenished myself with gatorade, water, and some oranges. RipIt (who put on the race)  has had chips at other races of theirs that I’d run, and I was sad there weren’t any after this race. I’ve gotten to love Fritos after a race! I met up with the two girls I had met to congratulate them hear about their experiences. After the awards ceremony, I headed home to nap and enjoy my personal victory of getting out there when I really didn’t want to (and we went to a pool party – cheers!)

Omg I won something – AND it holds a beer!

In the end, I was obviously really happy that I sucked it up and went to this race. I had a great experience and felt good with my performance, despite training not going as well as I hoped. I’ve ruled out another one for this year, but next summer I’d definitely come back to this race, or even try a Tri!

NOW it’s time for me to go run. Confession…I’ve sucked at getting up for runs all summer. Like, really bad. While I’m working now, my hours are later in the day, which has not helped me get up any earlier…So it’s a lunchtime run for me today.


July Recap

1Happy Monday! July is just about over, and it was a crazy one. The month was filled with a lot of happenings, and I can’t really think of any negative ones. I’ll take that as a success. The last week has brought a lot of excitement and realizations, and I’m excited for what’s to come.

Traveling…We (Jake and I) started the month in Ocean City, MD, spent a long weekend in New Hampshire, spent a day in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and finished with another week in Ocean City, MD. I loved bringing him home to meet the family, sitting on the beach, meeting his extended family, jet-skiing for the first time, and even catching a wild looking fish.

At the top of Cannon Mountain, NH

Jobs: I finally recieved my speech-language pathologist credentials that I spent last year earning. Both Jake and I landed new jobs this month, and we both start today! I’m excited to be starting at a private clinic, hopefully with a whole lot less paperwork and stress than I was dealing with in the school. After the school year starts, I’ll also be working mornings in a Head Start (federally funded pre-school). I’m hoping this is a step in the right direction towards finding a spot in my career field that I enjoy more.

Running: I ended July at 85 miles, 15 miles short of my 100 mile goal. I missed 5 runs: 3 at the beach (2 due to too much fun the night before (oops), and one due to really just liking my bed),one due to needing a rest day after a race, and also one due to a huge calf cramp that happened as I woke up and went downstairs. While I got my other runs in, it was a struggle. I’m lacking on the motivation, which I think is due to Goofy being so.far.away. I’m bummed about not running a fall full. While I have races coming up, I’m not truly excited for anything. Last year, training for my first marathon was so exciting, and now I feel like I’m just moving through the motions.

I also completed 3 races:

Towson 4 on the 4th: 39:46, 6 second course PR

Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon

Maryland Sprint Duathlon: 1:43. 3rd place in AG! Planning to recap this at some point….


I’m excited for August and hopefully getting my running motivation back. I’m beginning to plan my trips to Nevada/Arizona for the Run Laughlin 13.1, and to Disney for the Goofy Challenge! With the new job, I’ll be working Sundays once September hits, so unfortunately, I’ve written off the Rock N Roll Philly Half. I only paid $50 to register, and I really don’t want to use a day off for that so early in my employment. However, I’m excited to work towards a course/12 miler PR at the Charles Street 12 on Labor Day Weekend!

What’s next? Summer 2017 Racing and Goals

Why yes, I did just finish a marathon a few days ago. And yes, I’m already worried about “what’s next”. While I respect the recovery process, my mind is already guns a’blazin for the next training cycle. I’m excited for what the rest of Spring and summer has in store for me. I have races set in stone through September, but for now I am going to focus on Mid-May through July – a short, but hopefully successful training and “racing” stint.


June 3rd: Zooma Annapolis Half Marathon just 5 weeks out from the marathon, I’m hoping for a decent showing. Last time I ran a half after a full, I set a big PR. I’m not expecting it on this course (hills, with typical heat and humidity). I’ll be happy with a good effort and fun as an ambassador for a second year.

July 4th: 4 on the 4th in Towson. I was hoping to run one in Maine, but I won’t be north in time for it. This was a fun one last year, but it came with lots of hills. I’m hoping for an improvement, but it probably won’t be super speedy.

Finishing last year’s 4 on the 4th!

July 8th: Old Port Shipyard Half Marathon! I can’t wait to run in Maine again, and there are so many reasons to be excited for this race. The beer. The pizza at the afterparty. My brother running a 5K (and hopefully the boyfriend, too) and my family being there to watch. The Casco Bay. The Old Port. All of this is despite the reputation of hot weather (YES, Maine gets HOT). Running for Bib Rave. I’m ready to make Maine mine for the morning. If it’s not blisteringly hot, I may be gunning for a PR.

One of my first races, running around Portland!

July 15 or 16: Maryland Sprint or Olympic Duathlon. I’m taking my bike for a spin for a run/bike/run. I haven’t yet decided if I want to do the sprint or olympic. Part of me wants to attempt both, but my wallet says otherwise. While I may not be “competitive” in this type of race, I do want to do my best and see what a good training cycle can do for me.

The process…and summer goals:

Running: Starting in Mid May, I plan to bring my running mileage back up to 30ish miles per week, with long runs of 12-15 miles and 4 running days a week for a solid month before tapering off before the Shipyard Half. I feel my body does great around this level and plan to keep this going throughout the summer, while I figure out fall plans. A summer goal is to maintain 100+ mile months June-August. (May won’t happen with marathon recovery). Another goal is to increase run:walk ratios. Currently I’m training with a 60:30 and doing speed work and longer races with 90:30. I’d like to increase my training intervals to a consistent 90:30 while keeping a low HR, and increasing that speed/race intervals to 120:30.

Cycling: I can’t wait to get on my bike some more! I need to get on planning rides with friends, who like to bike around Annapolis and DC. Along with completing the Duathlon (13/26 miles), my goal for the summer is to do a 40 mile ride on the rail trail. I aim to do one bike ride on the weekends, and hopefully at least one during the week once school ends.

Strength: I always say that I want to do strength, but always slack. However, seeing my run times improve without strength, makes me hungry to see how much they will improve with this added in. I’ve slacked with November Project all winter, largely due to work stresses. Starting next week I’m determined to get back into going every week, and after the school year ends, I intend to double (5:30 and 6:30 workouts) most weeks. I’ve also been curious about doing a burpee challenge and a TRX is on my wish list.

Eating/Drinking: I was on a great streak for the last month before the NJ Marathon. I was eating much healthier and cut down on my beer intake. In turn, I arrived at marathon day 6 pounds lighter just from making healthier choices. Now that I’ve indulged for a few days, I’m ready to keep moving forward. At least if I only indluge in beer on the weekends, I have enough in my stock to last me the summer!