Weekly workouts 11/23 – 11/29/15 + some fun things!

It’s so fitting that today I’m posting my first workout recap in a while but yet we’re almost at the end of November. I haven’t gone so long without posting my runs since…well….when I wasn’t running. This is the first week in forever that I’ve ran more than 3 times, so I thought it would be bit more interesting for those of you that like these things. It also makes me feel like I actually accomplished something this week!

Monday: 8 mi, 1:23:04, 10:24 avg. Longest run since the BRF half-marathon and it felt great. I once again felt like I could have kept going. My left IT band was a little tight the next couple of days after.

Alone on the top level = selfie time.
Alone on the top level = selfie time.

Tuesday: “Ripped” class with my mom. It was a mix of zumba, kickboxing, and involved some weights. It was a lot of fun and I was pooped after. It helped to loosed up my leg/knee a bit!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday – RW Run Streak Day 1: Turkey Trot! 3.1 mi + .4 mi cooldown. Turkey trot was done in 29.07. Slower than last year I think, but it was the best 5K I’ve ran so far this year. Didn’t walk, didn’t start out too fast, and I was able to kick it in at the end. I ran home as a cool down.

Apparently I run with my eyes closed

Fun fact: this was my town’s second year doing the Turkey Trot, and they drew 175 people, 100 more than last year!

Friday – RW Run Streak Day 2: 3 miles in Vermont – SO SO HILLY, which made my IT Band flare up a bit. But I felt so energized for the rest of the day!


Saturday – RW Run Streak Day 3: (mighty slow) mile. An easy 11:05 mile on the treadmill followed by some good stretching to loosen my legs up after spending the two previous days in the car

Sunday – RW Run Streak Day 4: Plan is 3 miles at an easy pace. I’ll probably stick to the treadmill as it usually feels better for me to run on the even surface when my IT Band flares up.

Weekly miles: 18.5 – highest in FOREVER and I love it!

Now for the fun stuff

I was so excited on Wednesday to be accepted to be a FitFluential ambassador! I’ve wanted to apply for a long time now, but I was sure I would be rejected. I was so surprised when I got the email!


I’m back in fitbit land! My second Fitbit Flex died last September and I never replaced it. My mom just got a new one so I am forever borrowing her old one. If you have a Fitbit, add me as a friend!


Did you trot on Thanksgiving? 

Do you wear a fitness tracker?



Half Marathon Training – Week 4 (6/22-6/28)

I think I can say that I am out of my funk that I had been stuck in for the last couple of weeks. I felt great about my training this week, and my body is feeling great as well! I can’t believe I’m just another week closer to heading down to Baltimore for the Charles St. 12 miler! I have been feeling really worn down due to work, but my job enables me to be active which I love. Unfortunately, I haven’t been sleeping very well, so I’m constantly exhausted.

Sunday 6/22: Rest, worked both breakfast and lunch shifts. 22,622 steps.

Monday 6/23: 6 miles on treadmill, 63:00 – was last week’s postponed long run. Ended up walking a few minutes because I kept getting phone calls about my car which was in the garage. Felt great, nonetheless! 13, 061 steps.

ONITB is the best long-run company.
ONITB is the best long-run company.

Tuesday 6/24: Rest, worked dinner. 13,508

Wednesday 6/25: 4 miles at the track. 1 mi WU/CD, with 4 x 400 with 400 recovery. I took the recoveries pretty easy, and walked for about 20 seconds on the last one. It was fun, and kicked my butt! I can’t wait to go back to the track and hopefully get faster! Splits: 9:28, 9:25, 9:57, 10:25. 11,307 steps.

Thursday 6/26: 3.12 miles at the last week of the Spring Trail Run Series, 33:50. I will be posting a recap of all 4 weeks I participated, but this week was the best! Worked breakfast. 17,106 steps.

Friday 6/27: Rest – stretching. Worked dinner. 11,688 steps.

Saturday 6/28: Ran 3 miles on the treadmill, 29:18. 17,225 steps (as of 2:30 pm). I planned to do 4.5 miles but I’m simply dead tired after a 6 hour breakfast shift this morning – I could have used a little cat nap. Working dinner tonight as well.

Quick Weekly Recap 6/15/14 – 6/21/14

This week went by so fast! I’ve really gotten into the swing of things at work, and I’m working a lot more than I hoped/planned to. I’m heading back to the hotel in 15 minutes for the second shift of the day – and I’ve only been home for a little over 2 hours! While today didn’t go as planned, and work will likely make me shift workouts a few more times, I’m making the most of it.

Sunday: Father’s Day 5K, 12,131 steps

Monday: Rest, 7,343 steps

Tuesday: 4 mile interval workout on the treadmill. I don’t know my time because I’m a dummy and unplugged the safety thing at one point and had to restart it. 10,629 steps

Wednesday: Rest, 2,628 steps

Thursday: 4 miles (missed out on my trail running series due to work). 19,022 steps

Friday: Rest, 12,204 steps

Saturday: Planned 6 miles for this week’s long run, only had time for 4 miles between shifts. While it was nice out, I stayed in and ran on the treadmill and watched Orange is The New Black. 39:00. 19,500 steps (as of 2:30). I hate treadmills, but I felt the best running I have in a couple of weeks!

Now to head back to work for one more shift…I’m ready for a day off and a longer run on Monday! I am literally so jazzed about running right now after work last night (will share later!). I will say, it felt so good to just go and not think about waitressing for a little bit.

Do you ever watch TV while running on the treadmill?
What do you think of Orange Is The New Black?
LOVE it! I just started season 2.

Weekly Recap 6/1-6/7/14

The first week of my half marathon training (well, for my 12 miler, then half) is complete! I am using the Hal Higdon “novice 1” plan that has been tailored a bit so that my long runs will fall on Saturday instead of on Sunday.

Sunday 6/1 – Rest, 5,902 steps. Spent the day at my brother’s fiancee’s bridal shower.

Monday 6/2 – 3.1 miles (29:38), 14,130 steps. Took my grandmother and her sister to Portsmouth to go shopping and bought myself these beauties! (I didn’t check my training plan in the morning…I was actually only supposed to do 2 miles this morning – whoops.)

Brooks Ghost 7's
Brooks Ghost 7’s

Tuesday 6/3 – 3.5 miles (36:37), 12,975 steps. This morning’s run was hard physically and mentally. I had a different breakfast than normal and it was warmer than I was expecting. The sun really got to me and I thought about giving up and walking home. But I did it and I was proud of making it through the struggle. Also walked 2.4 miles with my mom.

Wednesday 6/4 – Rest, 10,247 steps. Walked 1.3 miles with my mom.

Thursday 6/5 – 3.2 miles (35:11 – on trails), 12,115 steps. This week’s attempt at running trails for the Solomon Trail Running Series  was much more successful than last week. I learned early on that I took a wrong turn last week and ran .6 extra (that .6 was a very hard, switchback/hill singletrack trail). This week’s attempt was much more enjoyable and I walked less. I’m looking forward to improving more next week! Walked an additional 1.3 miles while my mom did 2 min walk/jog intervals. I really enjoy helping her reach her new fitness goals!

Friday 6/6 – Rest, 10,854 steps. I woke up itching to run. I understand the purpose of rest days, but this is a day that I wished they weren’t necessary. Walked 1.8 miles while my mom jogged. I swear she got me the garmin so she could use it 😛

Saturday 6/7 – 5 miles (56:24), 10,370 steps (at 10:30 am). This was the first “official” long run of my half marathon training. It did not go so hot, at all. I couldn’t get into a rhythm and I kept experiencing stabbing pains in my shin. Between that and feeling nauseous starting at around mile 3.5, I almost gave up and went home. While I walked a few times, I’m glad I did the whole 5 miles. I can’t say I’ve been eating/drinking healthy the last few days which probably didn’t help me. Hopefully next week’s long goes better!

Weekly Miles: 15.7 running, 6.8 walking with mom

How did your long run go this week?

Do you go walking/running with your family?

First Weekly Recap! (5/25-5/31)

Now that I’m moved back home and back into a little of a routine, I will start doing weekly recap posts! This upcoming week, I will start training for the Charles St. 12 Miler (August 9th), and the Lake Placid/North Elba Classic Half Marathon (September 6th). I’m not quite sure how it will work with a month between them – but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. If you have any tips on races a short time apart, feel free to share!

Sunday 5/25 – 3.1 miles, 33:10, 15,530 steps

Still getting back into the swing of things after a long week of finals, and graduation celebrations. I went out at 6:30 – my earliest run ever – and it was quite enjoyable!

Monday 5/26 – Rest,  9,700 steps


Baseball game in Washington DC with some of the bests before saying “so long”!

Tuesday 5/27 – 3.23 miles around Silver Spring, 18,108 steps

Randomly ran around Silver Spring and came across many hills that I was not ready for. I’m viewing my time as irrelevant, as I was stopped at countless stoplights.

Wednesday 5/28 – Rest, drove 11 hours from Silver Spring, MD to Gorham, NH. I awoke to this beauty on my brand new car (it just hit 5,000 miles!). UGH.


Thursday 5/29 – 3.68 miles, 42:55, 13,118 steps

First run of the Solomon Spring Trail Running Series at Great Glen Trails. My first trail run ever – super difficult but enjoyable! I definitely can improve on that time.

Friday 5/30 – 2,845 steps.

I had every intention to run as my boyfriend had broken up with me Thursday night. But my legs were super sore from Thursday’s adventure, and it was storming all night so I took it as a sign to rest (and wallow).

Saturday 5/31 – 4 miles, 40:00, 8,156 steps (as of 10:30 a.m.)

I really needed this run. After being so out of whack the past few weeks, these 4 miles felt great. I’m totally okay with being slow as long as I feel as good as I did today. My mile splits were even and I easily powered up two hills in the last mile. I feel so positive heading into my half marathon training that starts Monday!

What was your favorite part of this past week?

Has anyone ran into your parked car? I’m so aggrivated – the person didn’t leave a note or anything. Thankfully my car still runs fine and it will be fixed in a couple of weeks. We know the people who own the garage, so they’re making it so I don’t have to pay a deductible!