5 Emotions when Running Slow (Friday Five)

As I’ve shared in my past couple of training recaps, I’ve been running much slower lately. There’s a couple reasons for this, but they add up to wanting to reach the start line of the Marine Corps Marathon healthy and whole. After learning to use my heart rate as a guage and effort and accepting the whole “train slow, race fast” mentality, I’ve embraced this way of training (for now).

How can running this slow be fun? Seriously, running run/walk intervals a majority of the time and running “easy” equates to being passed and more cumulative time spent running.

Slowest. Run. Ever.

Why the F is my heart rate so high? I’m running an 11:00 pace right now, and not even sweating. Why am I so out of shape?



When can I run “fast”? Just. Let. Me. Run. Wild.


Wow! This feels great! Finishing 3:00/mi faster on your last mile than your first. For the first time ever. Or running for speed at November Project after 10 days of easy running.

10:08, even with stairs and stopping for mountain climbers/box jumps/push ups/lunges


Did I run today? Taking it easy means your body isn’t constantly in as much pain. You’re not drained anymore. You’re ready to go tomorrow. You can run fast the next day and not feel like you’re falling apart.

While I’m not one with a running “ego” – I know I’m slow – I definitely felt so weird running slowly and using run/walk intervals for many runs. I still do. In many ways I hate it. But seriously, I haven’t ever felt better. My legs felt great, I’m less fatigued, and I finish with a runner’s high instead of hating my body for working against me.

While running slow isn’t forever, it’s for right now. And it’s working. If you’re in a place where you’re hurt, fatigued, and mad at your inability to run fast when you need to, I seriously recommend truly embracing running “easy”.


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