Pre-Goofy Diet Clean-Up: Featuring Luvo!

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As summer has hit I am getting back into a more solid running routine, building up a solid base for Goofy Challenge 2018 training. While gaining back the weight I lost before the NJ Marathon isn’t my sole motivation, I’ve been working hard to clean up my diet while I have extra time home to make more meals. While I still have kept my favorites in my diet (CHEESE) I’m also making more healthy swaps to add in more nutrients into my life.

1. More vegetables, and more of them FRESH! Cucumbers and peppers as snacks, eggplant parmesean, salads with lettuce from my garden, and brussels sprouts. Seriously, where have these been all of my life? They’re great fresh, but since I’m on a summer budget I’m a fan of the $0.99 bag of frozen baby brussels from Trader Joe’s. I love pairing some with a Luvo Cauliflower Mac and Cheese bowl.


2. Frequent shopping trips: Frequent, small shopping trips allow me to get more fresh food and also explore the area stores. There are so many grocery stores around me, and each one carries a different variety of Luvo meals. Wegmans is my favorite for, as they carry the Luvo Bowls, but I also like the Orange Mango Chicken that I found at a Giant food store. They also have a fantastic bakery and fun produce section.

Luvo Bowls and Wegman’s cheese bread. HEAVEN.

3. More salads – During the school year I went in and out of “salad mode”. I like to have a big salad for lunch many days – it fills me up, but yet I don’t feel like a bloated mess when I head to the pool. Don’t think I’ve let go of my ranch habit yet, though.

Post November Project double “feast”

4. Trying new things – Seeing new Luvo meals forces me to try new things. Like the Orange Chicken Luvo meal I mentioned. I am not a mango person, and rarely have kale (I’m trying to eat more of it!). While it wasn’t my favorite (I’d love it, sans mango), I realized that I don’t mind edamame and kale mixed in with other things.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.00.53 AM.png
Source: Luvo website. Look at those stats!

5. Simple exchanges – Coffee is now made with a smidge of sugar in the raw and half and half rather than the sugary artificially flavored creamer. I’m eating more veggies as sides instead of pasta sides. I even made myself order whole grain pasta at Olive Garden last night (I used to do this all the time but have gotten away from it!)

I’m excited to be making these small changes, along with others. Keeping Luvo meals on hand, instead of my old Lean Cuisines (that would only keep me full for like, an hour!) is definitely helping me get closer to some overall health goals.

Thanks again to Bib Rave for giving me the opportuinity to test out Luvo meals once again. Do you love running and related products? Apply to be a Bib Rave Pro and drop my name, as summer applications are open!