A Week of (Workout) Firsts

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been back in Maryland for two weeks! I’m feeling more and more settled each day and I’m also starting to explore and leave my comfort zone more. As much as I loved college here, I don’t want to limit myself to things I did in college. I’m trying things to meet new people and find new things I love to do, and working out is how I did it last week.

Monday: 3 miles on the NCR trail. I’d heard so much about this trail and finally checked it out. It is so beautiful and completely flat, which is nice since I live in a hilly neighborhood. Ran 2 miles easy, then pushed on the last mile to run my fastest mile post-injury (fastest all year, really).

Tuesday: OrangeTheory Fitness class with the one and only Salt. This class was incredibly challenging but also fun. I ran about 1.75 miles of intervals on the treadmill, as well as rowing, weights, TRX things and bosu ball exercises. I was dead after. Dead.


Wednesday: I finally went to my first November Project workout. The workout was tough and I swear I’ve never done so many stairs or burpees in my entire life. I also knew absolutely no one there but still found people to talk to. So it was both a workout and social success. (2.63 run/stair miles)

I swear I’m in there somewhere. Not looking at the camera #typical.

Thurs-Sat: Nothing. Thursday I could hardly move my arms. I went to bed at 2am on Friday so there went a morning run, and Saturday was a planned day off. Oh well.

Sunday: 8 miles with a group of women from work. We did 1 min : 30 sec  run/walk intervals and while it was great for my first long run post-injury, I found the company more enjoyable than the running. With where I am now the intervals helped me go longer without pain, but they just seemed so short and kept the pace really slow. I may join the group again on occasion, but it won’t be a weekly thing.

Weekly miles: 15.38 (Highest in almost 2 months! Take that, leg!)

Weekly fun: LOTS. I loved November Project and it will surely be a weekly occurence for me, at least until I start my school job (commuting. Blech). I loved OTF as well and would like to join, but I need to make sure I can fit it in my schedule and still have 3 other dedicated run days during the week. It’ll take some planning before I take the plunge and join!

What was your best workout last week?

How you you feel about run/walk intervals?