Currently: April 2017

For the past few months I’ve been writing only about running and limiting personal stuff on here. I guess that’s what happens when you get a job and truly enter the “real world”. But I’ve been craving a “currently” post because I’m simply loving so many new things lately!

Snacks: I’m all about the healthier snack options lately. Especially Krave Jerkey, Moon Cheese, and Halo Top.

IMG_0167 1
Not the kale chips. Those were gross – I’ll stick to making my own…

Movies: I watched the Jurassic Park movies for the first time a few weeks ago. How did I live 25 years before seeing these?

DrinksI’m getting back into tea. I go in streaks with it. Now that it’s time I cut back on the alcohol before the marathon, tea’s my at-home drink of choice!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 8.43.58 PM

Baseball: My favorite professional sport is BACK! Sadly, adulting meant no Opening Day for me today, but I can’t wait to get to some games with Jake soon!

JakeOs 1

Beer: What, did you think I ‘m totally done with beer? Not til the week of the race. The Terrapin Hi 5 (grapefruit) IPA has been fueling me at trivia the past few weeks. So. Good.

TV: Dancing is back, Dancing is back! I sadly can’t watch it on Mondays because I’m a good roommate and I’m sharing the TV, but thank god for my brother’s Hulu subscription so I can watch it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Me time: Bath bombs have become my lifeee! I love a good bath with a bomb, epsom salts, a glass of wine, and the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. #thelife.


What are some of your April “currentlies”?

Thinking Out Loud #13 – Staying Thankful

1. Thank god it’s Thursday, seriously. This week has been overwhelming, exhausting, and everything in between. I’ve found it so hard to put my thoughts into words so I’m ever so thankful it’s time to Think Out Loud with Amanada!


2. I seem to be experiencing the post-race blues. I’m trying to take a “recovery week” but goodness gracious, I just want to run! However, I’m making sure to stay thankful that my body got through the race unharmed and that I still love running. But if I don’t get back on my feet soon (as in like 30 minutes) I’m going to go apes**t.

3. This week, school has gotten hard. With the addition of clinicals, I am simply overwhelmed and don’t know what to do with myself. Yesterday I had a really difficult client for a screening and I just thought “Why am I doing this? Am I even going to be a good therapist?” But I have to keep in mind that I’m thankful I’m here and I have 3 hours of clinicals done. Only 372 to go!


4. Lake Placid made me realize something important. You know how everyone says to not compare yourself to others? Yeah well I’m the person who always does. Until Saturday. I think I’ve finally realized that I don’t have to be perfect and run a 2:10 half to be successful. Not yet. I’m thankful that I’m starting to really accept where I am in running, and love the small progress I’ve been making.

5. I’m starting to realize that I’m thankful for my body. I went to kickboxing with some friends on Tuesday. The class killed me (I’m still sore) but I loved looking at us in the mirror. Not because I love looking at myself, but I realized that even though I’m short, I’m rather strong. Aside from my lack of core muscles, I have strong legs, a strong heart, and a stronger mind.

6. Last but not least, I’m thankful for the blog. My mind is so full of thoughts and I really need this to empty it out. Whether or not people read, I need to keep this going throughout these next two years to keep myself sane. Everyone, grad school is hard. I can’t put into words. It’s so worth it though.

Bonus #7: Know how I wrote I had to run? I changed my mind after reading some blogs. I really just want to go back to bed. Seeing as how I have a long day ahead of myself, I’m totally allowing myself to do so. I love to run, but school’s the most important thing right now and I have to be rested to be at my best. Two weeks ago, I was so mad when I felt like I couldn’t get out for a run, but I can really be thankful that I’m able to listen to what my body needs, even if it is more sleep. I can always run later today or tomorrow.