Charles St 12 Taper and Race Time: 8/28-9/3/17

SEPTEMBER IS HERE! That means fall weather, marathon/Goofy training, Octoberfest beer, and FALL WEATHER. It also meant it was time for the Charles St 12 miler! I’ll recap how the race went later this week, but for now, let’s look at the week leading into the race.

Monday: Rest day. I’d say “as always”, but this was my last Monday “rest day” for a long time!

Tuesday4 miles at easy effort. It was a low key, enjoyable run in some beautiful weather!

Wednesday: 2.9 miles at November Project. I was hoping for a PR and for a double, but neither happened. My body and legs felt disconnected during the 5:30 workout where I was going for a PR. My stomach felt empty and crampy (I’m dieting and was having lady problems. GREAT). My legs felt heavy. I dropped the PR attempt and just ran to ran, getting a decent workout in. After the workout, I sat to have some water, and when I got up I rolled my ankle. I heard it pop twice and quietly freaked out before I played it safe and came home. Later in the day I walked 2 miles with an ankle brace. My ankle felt OK until I had about .25mi left to go until Jake’s house.

Thursday: 10 miles on my bike. I really wanted to get some more exercise in, but wanted to rest my ankle. An easy bike ride felt great!

Friday: (just) 1 mile to test the ankle. I ran with the brace I bought and my ankle felt almost back to normal. Planned for another mile or so to shake out the legs, but my gut had other ideas.

Saturday: 12 miles at the Charles St 12 miler! I had an awesome day and the race gave me a renewed sense of confidence going into marathon training.

Sunday: Rest! I’m actually a little sore after yesterday’s hills. I rarely get sore after runs anymore, but race pace miles and hills will do that to ya!

Weekly total: 20.1 miles

August total: 125.4 miles

Year to date: 793 miles!

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Charles St 12 miler training: 7/31-8/6

Last week, I shared that I’d no longer be participating in the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half marathon. For a few days after I made that decision, I felt lost, especially with some other race plans for the end of the year crashing down as well. But then I signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival’s BaltiMORON-A-Thon (5K and 13.1 in the same morning) and felt slightly more excited and motivated. But before that comes the Charles Street 12 miler.

Charles Street 12 Miler

I’m taking it as a blessing that this can now be a race that I focus more on. I ran the 12 miler three years ago as my first distance race once I started to run again. It was a complete failure and I finished with a measly time of 2:35. I learned so much that day, especially now that I look back on it. I’m happy that I’ve been working on a half marathon training program that is more speed based than what I’ve done before, so not only can I set a course/12 mile PR come September 2nd, but I can also put up a time I”m more proud of.

This was utterly and entirely fake. I was doing 13-14min miles at this point.

The training I’ve been following for the last month or so is a slightly modified Hal Higdon Half Marathon Intermediate 2 plan. I’ll be following it until this race, have a couple of “down” weeks, then start Goofy Challenge training. I’ve made some weekday runs longer to increase mileage, as well as switch an easy run out with November Project. I’ve also continued my Galloway intervals. I have been doing most long runs at a 90:30 walk/run interval, do speed/tempo workouts either based on distance or at a 120:30 interval, and easy runs at a 60:30. My tempo, race pace, and long run paces were calculated using the McMillan calculator for a 2:08 half marathon goal (which I’ll share more about when I can…)

I slightly recapped July last week, but this was the first week in a few weeks that everything got done.

Monday: No running, “deck of cards” strength workout that got me supah sweaty

Tuesday: 6 miles – an easy day was scheduled, but I ran great doing 60:30’s in a light rain, and picked the pace up. I thought I was only going to have time for 4, but it took forever for Jake to get home from his new job, so I ran around in circles while waiting for him.

Wednesday: 5 miles for a November Project double. The workout was fun and cardio based. I ran fast (for me) doing suicides, and decided to count this as my speed work day, because I definitely did just that.

Photo cred: Gio Vargas

Thursday: Rest – it wasn’t planned, but I slept through my 5 alarms, and didn’t have time due to plans and work, then storms.

Friday: 4 miles super easy (60:30 intervals). It’s never easy to keep my HR in my SEE zone when I run around my house due to the hills but I do my best!

Saturday: 5 miles – 1 mi wu/cd (60:30 intervals), 3 miles at 120:30 intervals, nearing goal half marathon race pace (9:46). I definitely didn’t hit the 9:46, but was in the low 10’s and would have been closer if I had rethought my route. Speedy run on the Inner Harbor Promenade at 6pm on a Saturday? Bad idea.

Sunday: 10 miles on the first half of the Charles St 12 course. Last time these hills killed me, so I wanted to reaquaint myself with them. Realistically, they’re not that bad at all. Ran 60:30 on the first 5 to keep my HR low, then 90:30 on the way back. My heart rate stayed at a decent level with the longer intervals.

Total miles: 30. <– First 30 mile week since April!! Today’s a rest day and I feel great aside from some tightness in my glutes that I need to work on.

Have you ever had a season when your race plans just seem to fail you?

Marine Corps Marathon Training: 7/4 – 7/10/16

My second official “week 1” came to a close on Sunday! This was my first week with the plan that my coach made for me, which brought many changes. The truly hot/humid Maryland weather also made its first summer appearance this week. I was nervous about making it through this week at first, but I felt so good when I conquered my highest mileage week ever!


Monday: 4 miles at the Towson 4 on the 4th – Recap coming soon!


Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 2.25 miles super easy effort, 2 miles during November Project (and running back to my car). 4.25 miles total.

This 6:15 AM weather though…

Thursday: 5 miles easy effort w/ 30 second bursts. My legs felt heavy after Monday’s race and NP on Wednesday, but they felt better after the run was done.


Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4.5 miles at a super easy effort. The weather was rediculous for this one – 75* with 98% humidity when I started, 83* with the humidity when I finished. It was rough.

This heart rate training thing is working, but dang, it’s boring.

Sunday: 10 miles with Ben! While I know running at my pace kills him, I love running with him, especially knowing he’ll be at my side come Marathon day.


Week total: 27.75 miles

MCM Training total (including “base” weeks): 107.3 miles!! <– In just a little over a month. While not a “calendar” month, this is the most I’ve run in 30 days since high school!

While I was apprehensive about this week at first, it turned out pretty great. I dealt with some top of foot pain at the beginning of the week, but after wearing my Asics Gel-Kayanos on Sunday that dissipated. My coach has me running in “minutes” but I still associate everything with miles. I also started drinking half a pouch (about a “scoop”) of Gen U Can before my runs instead of eating a banana, and it helped a lot. I was able to sleep a little longer before getting up and wasn’t starving after my run! This definitely makes morning running a bit easier.

Did you race on/for the 4th?

What was your best run of the week?

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Training 12/28/15 – 1/3/16

This week was the first in training for my next half marathon, the Half at the Hamptons on March 6th. I’ll be sharing my training plan later this week. I was mostly pleased with how this week went and was happy to run outside twice!

HBHalfTrainingwk1 (1)

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 3 mi, 10:15 avg, then RIPPED class with my mom. This was tough after the run and included a lot of arm and leg strength work.

Wednesday: Speed day – 4×400 w/ 400 recovery w/ .5 mi WU/CD for a total of 3 mi with a 9:50 pace. I did the 400’s at 8:49 pace and recoveries anywhere from 5.6 – 5.9 mph.


Thursday: 3 mi, 10:19 avg. I was a bit discouraged with my pace because I felt so physically and mentally strong during this run. But after a lunch of McDonalds and movie theater popcorn, I shouldn’t have been surprised.


Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 mi, 10:19 avg. My first two miles were at an easy pace (10:43, 11:00), and then I picked it up for the second half (9:43, 9:53). This was another great run and I was happy with my pace, especially the last mile since I have to climb a big hill back to my house.


Sunday: 2000M on the rowing machine (10:02) and leg weights.

Weekly miles: 13

I finished off 2015 with 672 miles. Much lower than I had hoped, but considering my injury in the summer, I’m just happy I got back to running. I can’t believe that in 9 weeks I’ll be running another half marathon (my 7th!) and soon after that I’ll be back to Maryland. Time sure is going to fly!

Are you looking forward to any spring races? Have any snowy runs this week? 

Training Log 12/21 – 12/27/15

This week I ran 5 times, which is the most days I’ve ran since the beginning of December. After experiencing some ITB pain during the first week of the month, I took it easy running-wise during finals, my vacation to Florida, then moving back to NH. I was happy to get into a bit of a routine this week and get some quality outdoor miles in while the winter weather was delayed a bit.

Monday: 4.25 miles10:14 avg pace. I ran a loop that the last time I ran at home, was so challenging mentally. It felt great this week, aside from my ITB starting to hurt at mile 1.75. But, I had to get home somehow. I stopped to walk about .25 mi from home because I was in a lot of pain, but I was proud I stuck it out as long as I did.

Running in the freezing rain on the airport trail. So many running memories here!

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 3 miles. I did a pretty typical route for myself, and was “interrupted” half way through when I met my grandpa and little cousins on Main St. I visited for almost half an hour, making the second half of the run feel pretty awful because I tightened up. I ran in my PureFlows and my ITB felt significantly better (5/10).


Thursday: 3.1 miles, 10:13 avg pace. My legs felt heavy and sluggish, but it was an absolutely beautiful day. I ran in shorts, ProCompression marathon socks and a long sleeve and I was HOT. I loved it. 

The sun didn’t quite pop out.

Friday: 1.5 Christmas miles, 10:21 avg pace. Once again, my legs felt shot. I ran in my Newton Motion sneakers I bought last year and my ITB felt a little better (4/10). It was absolutely beautiful out and by the time I got home I regretted not wearing shorts.

I always walk across this bridge in fear of falling off. Always.
I always walk across this bridge in fear of falling off. Always.

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: 2.5 mi, 26:35. This was sucktastic. These were my only indoor miles this week, and were in turn my worst. I hated the treadmills I was on (I used two diffrent ones) and I was so low on energy. Between not eating well before the run and drinking a fair amount of wine on Saturday, good miles weren’t meant to happen. Surprisingly, my ITB felt pretty good.

Weekly total: 14.35 miles. 

Aside from Sunday’s run failure, I’m happy with this week. My ITB pain has been frustrating, but I’m rolling and wearing more minimal shoes which normally help it subside faster. Running 5 days was great for my confidence, as I start half marathon training this week (more on that later). I’m hoping this week I’ll see more improvement in my ITB symptoms and have a good first week of training!

How were your runs this week? Did you have any good Christmas miles?

Training Log 1/5 – 1/11/15

Hello from New Hampshire! I made the trip back this morning to get in some skiing this week. I have to say I’m outrageously excited to get back on the slopes and get some adrenaline running. But after an awful drive in the snow that took an hour longer than normal, I’m waiting until the roads clear up (tomorrow) to hit the mountain.

Last week was definitely not my week of running. My workouts didn’t go as planned and *gasp* I didn’t make it out on my long run. I was upset about it yesterday but realistically it’s okay. My half marathon isn’t for three months! I’d rather have one of these weeks early in my training cycle!

Monday: 30:00 rolling hills on the bike, weights. It was supposed to be a rest day but I had to do something!

Tuesday: 5 miles, 52:00. I wrote about Tuesday here, but the run was actually pretty great.

Wednesday: Rest. I did go sign up for Planet Fitness, though!

Thursday: 4 mi, 40:00. This was supposed to be my first tempo run of my training cycle. I warmed up with 1 mile at 10:20, then knocked the treadmill up to a 9:10 mile. My calf started bothering me pretty quickly. The speed was tough for me on the treadmill. I walked for about 3:00 out of the 3 tempo miles and stopped to try to stretch out my calf. I was so frustrated that I skipped the cool down and just did some weights.

Friday: 5 mi, 51:30. The bf messaged my calf Thursday night, so that felt better. Pretty decent, easy run.

Saturday: 3 miles at work. I was supposed to do 4 miles – but when I tried to go out to do one more mile between the morning group run and my shift, I accidentally set the store’s alarm off. Eventually I fixed it, but nervous me was afraid to leave the store until the owner got there and my shift started. Calf felt very tight again.

Sunday: Rest

Weekly total: 16 mi

Many of the feelings I felt before Tuesday’s run came to me again on Sunday morning, before my scheduled 8 miler. Combine that with a sore calf and my stomach not feeling great and you get Sam staying in bed. I regretted it after, and thought about how 8 miles intimidated me. While it’s nothing I haven’t done before, I haven’t ran that far since my half marathon – and it’s about the mileage where I got hurt around that race. Anxious much? So this weekend when I go out for 8 miles, I won’t let my mind get the best of me because I know I can do it! (I’m also hoping the boy will join me =] )

How were your workouts last week?

Were you on the treadmill much last week? I was on it all but Saturday – it has been so bitterly cold up here!