NJ Marathon Training: Week 4!

When I wrote last week’s post, I was so excited for the next week and was hoping to write a post about how awesome week 4 was…well I was wrong.

Because, you see…I got sick January 1st, and I’ve been fighting the sick/not-sick train ever sense. And last week at work = terrible. I still ran, but I did what I had to in order to stay above water and also to try to get better.


Monday: Nothin, total nothing.

Tuesday: 4 easy, steady state miles on the treadmill. They felt harder than they should have, probably because it was approximately 150 degrees in the gym! (Planned for 5, but had to get back for BibChat!)


Wednesday: 5.4 miles – intervals with/on hills. I loved this hard run and I finished running up a big hill near my house that I always run down. It felt so good to crest it!

Thursday-Friday: Nothing. Thursday was beautiful but I had work commitments after work and got there super early.

Saturday: 15 miles around Baltimore. I was struggling with some reflux/heartburn from Friday night and an oncoming sinus infection, but I made it through! 5 miles super easy, 5 easy, and 5 moderate-hard. Finished almost 7:00 faster than my goal. #score.

I also somehow ice skated after running 15 miles…

Sunday: 4-5 miles were planned, but I was sick AF (sinus infection UGH) and layed low to give my body a break.

Total: 24.4 miles. Not what I wanted. I also didn’t want to spend the first 3 weeks of the new year sick and under so much stress at work. But, it is what it is. With a shorter long run this week, I’m hoping once again to get in 5 days, hopefully getting closer to 30 miles!

Good thing about the week — I earned a free LuLu shirt from completing a 40K challenge on Strava! I almost hit the 80K mark, but since I ran some runs on the treadmill, I was far from earning the shirt and shorts combo. (No biggie – I can’t run in their shorts anyway!)


Do you adjust running plans when you’re sick? 



Marine Corps Marathon Training: 6/27 – 7/3/16

My first “official” week of MCM training is complete! I should have a training plan in my hands soon, but for now I’m winging it. I’ve learned over the last month what’s been working well for me. This is the first month in a very long time I haven’t had any skipped/missed runs due to pain/injury and I seriously couldn’t be happier.


Monday: Rest. Had way too much fun at the wedding the night before to run!

Tuesday: 5 miles around the hills of the neighborhood. It was ridiculously muggy and I don’t think I’ve ever returned from a run so soaked before! It was slow, but my heart rate was controlled (my goal for many runs lately).


Wednesday:  2.5 miles at November Project PR day! I PR’d by .7 points, which in reality is almost a whole lap of running/stairs. I met the goal I set for myself last month and almost hit my “out there” goal. I went from 5.0 to 5.7 and hope to hit 6.1 next month!

I was the "social lap leader" until everyone passed me LOL
I was the “social lap leader” until everyone passed me LOL (thanks to my new friend in orange for sticking with me!)

Thursday: 6 miles easy on the trail. I finished with a fast mile, where I was in my max HR zone almost the whole time and basically felt like I was dying. I’m “racing” again on Monday so I just wanted to get my legs turning over a bit. I ran into my favorite undergrad professor and it totally made my day!

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9 miles on the trail, again. This run was all over the place, thanks to some tummy troubles and realizing I left my car unlocked, leading me to turn around and lock it. The last three miles were the fastest of the morning, which is a challenge I’m enjoying lately.

Working on my Hogwarts Running Club marathon. More info on the HRC coming this week!
Working on my Hogwarts Running Club marathon. More info on the HRC coming this week!


Sunday: Rest and 4th of July festivities. I have a 4 mile race tomorrow!

Total weekly mileage: 22.5 miles

Have a great weekend! Do you have any fun 4th of July plans? Any Races?

Weekly Training Recap: 3/28 – 4/3/16

How am I already at the week of the Vermont Half Marathon Unplugged. The time since my last race has seriously flown. I’m thankful for two great weeks of running. I’m going to do a small “taper” this week, hoping to get at least a course PR on Saturday. This week I hit my second 20+ mile week in a row for the first time all year, and aside from some soreness from lifting, I feel great – even though most of my runs this week weren’t.

Monday: 5 miles. This run was a struggle. My legs felt disconnected from my body and I simply couldn’t get into a good stride.

Tuesday – Wednesday: Rest. I was planning to run on Wednesday but I was flat out exhausted and slept all afternoon/evening.

Thursday: 4.25 miles. This run was plain sucky. I planned for a 5 mile run with 3 HMGP miles, but it didn’t happen. I planned my route wrong, my legs were heavy from sitting all day, I couldn’t find a steady pace, and I dressed too warm. I’d say this run was a huge mental victory though – I could have easily called it at 2.75 miles but I kept going for my whole planned loop.

Friday: 3.5 miles. 3 progression miles from 10:40 – 10:00, and .5 miles walking cooldown. My left hip/quad was really tight (my right was the one bothering me before). I had planned for this to be 5 miles, but I was smart and listened to my body. + :30 plank


Saturday: 5 minutes jump rope, full body weight workout with 8 + 12 lb dumbbells. It was supposed to be with a kettlebell, but they were locked up at the gym. I was sweating so hard after this and I’m still super sore. +1:00 plank

Sunday: 10 miles. I broke this into 3 + 7 due to changes in plans, a few too many beverages Saturday night, and a craving for bagel bites. Regardless, this easy paced run (11:05/avg) felt great. +:45 plank

Weekly miles: 22.75. 

At the end of Sunday’s run, my legs were dead. I planned that to happen, treating this last week as a mini “peak week”. This week will be easy leading up to the half marathon, but I’m making sure to keep my miles at 20 for the week. I know my recovery week will be low but I plan to keep my miles above 20 while training for Zooma Annapolis, so I might as well start now.


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