Weekly workouts 11/23 – 11/29/15 + some fun things!

It’s so fitting that today I’m posting my first workout recap in a while but yet we’re almost at the end of November. I haven’t gone so long without posting my runs since…well….when I wasn’t running. This is the first week in forever that I’ve ran more than 3 times, so I thought it would be bit more interesting for those of you that like these things. It also makes me feel like I actually accomplished something this week!

Monday: 8 mi, 1:23:04, 10:24 avg. Longest run since the BRF half-marathon and it felt great. I once again felt like I could have kept going. My left IT band was a little tight the next couple of days after.

Alone on the top level = selfie time.
Alone on the top level = selfie time.

Tuesday: “Ripped” class with my mom. It was a mix of zumba, kickboxing, and involved some weights. It was a lot of fun and I was pooped after. It helped to loosed up my leg/knee a bit!

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday – RW Run Streak Day 1: Turkey Trot! 3.1 mi + .4 mi cooldown. Turkey trot was done in 29.07. Slower than last year I think, but it was the best 5K I’ve ran so far this year. Didn’t walk, didn’t start out too fast, and I was able to kick it in at the end. I ran home as a cool down.

Apparently I run with my eyes closed

Fun fact: this was my town’s second year doing the Turkey Trot, and they drew 175 people, 100 more than last year!

Friday – RW Run Streak Day 2: 3 miles in Vermont – SO SO HILLY, which made my IT Band flare up a bit. But I felt so energized for the rest of the day!


Saturday – RW Run Streak Day 3: (mighty slow) mile. An easy 11:05 mile on the treadmill followed by some good stretching to loosen my legs up after spending the two previous days in the car

Sunday – RW Run Streak Day 4: Plan is 3 miles at an easy pace. I’ll probably stick to the treadmill as it usually feels better for me to run on the even surface when my IT Band flares up.

Weekly miles: 18.5 – highest in FOREVER and I love it!

Now for the fun stuff

I was so excited on Wednesday to be accepted to be a FitFluential ambassador! I’ve wanted to apply for a long time now, but I was sure I would be rejected. I was so surprised when I got the email!


I’m back in fitbit land! My second Fitbit Flex died last September and I never replaced it. My mom just got a new one so I am forever borrowing her old one. If you have a Fitbit, add me as a friend!


Did you trot on Thanksgiving? 

Do you wear a fitness tracker?



Beekmantown Turkey Trot 5k: Race Recap

Last Saturday, I ventured to Beekmantown, NY to do their second annual turkey trot. Leading up to this race, I was so excited. I knew I was in a really good spot for a PR, and I’ve been feeling really strong lately so I knew it was possible. I was ready to give it my all!

I had pasta with my grandma’s sauce and meatballs for lunch the day before, so for dinner the night before I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for my favorite salad and a beer (found the last of the Sam Adam’s Octoberfest!). After relaxing for the rest of the night, I was ready for an earlier-than -welcome wake-up call the next morning.

Flat Sam was ready!

The race website said that race number pickup was only from 7-8 so I was at the elementary school at 7:40, for good measure. Thankfully they let us wait inside the school until the 9:00 race because it was cold. While I was staying positive in my mind that I knew I could rock the race, I was really worried about what to wear. I ended up being happy that I left my jacket in my car and only wore my vest on top of everything else. I ended up shedding my headband at mile 2 which felt good.


Before I left, I turned on the virtual pacer on my watch to an 8:35 goal pace. I needed just below an 8:50 to get a PR and I wanted some wiggle room. For the whole first mile it kept telling me I was above pace but I wasn’t worried until I reached .75 mi at 5:45. I slowed it right down and hit mile 1 at 8:21 – right on. It was a very slight downhill so I didn’t think any of it. Then the uphill started, and it never ended. It was gradual, but just enough to make me more uncomfortable. My pace kept dropping little by little, and before I knew it I was falling behind with my second mile being 8:52.

I wasn’t giving up, I wanted that PR so freaking badly. I thought I was going to hurl around mile 2.8 but that was kind of a good feeling – knowing I was giving it my all. I was so furious when I saw the clock say 27:17 and I still had the last push left to go. I ended up finishing in 27:35, 8 seconds behind my goal.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I wanted to cry, I wanted to throw things, and if there weren’t kids around I probably would have screamed.

However, it’s not the end of the world. After getting to work, I gradually cheered up. When I saw on the results that I came in 20th out of 120, and 6th female, I was happier. If they did age groups, I would have come in second, being beat by just 20 seconds. A night out in Burlington with a good friend made me realize that missing my goal by 8 seconds wasn’t that big of a deal. It was cold, it was windy, and it was hilly. There will be other races. I gave it my all, and I should be happy with that. There’s a night 5K in Plattsburgh in a few weeks – I love running at night so that might be my next shot.

I have another Turkey Trot tomorrow! I was really looking to use it as a second attempt at a PR but I don’t think it’s going to happen. With the snow that we’re getting, it’s looking like it will be a messy run. I’m looking to put in a solid effort, finish in under 28:00 and not fall flat on my face.