Weekly Workouts + Injury Update (4/25 – 5/1/16)

Why hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I swear, I haven’t been a total slug. Okay, well I was for two weeks after my race, but we’ll discuss that later. This week was the seco1nd week since I bowed down to my injury that I’ve been working out, and I feel really great. Aside from the little/no running, of course!

Monday: 2,000 m row (9:58), 6 mi bike, “energize” yoga class (1:40 active time)

Tuesday: Zumba class, pilates/yoga class (2:40 active time)

Wednesday: 1.25 miles – .25 warm up + 1 mile very easy run. (17:09)

Had to test out the new kicks! Thanks, New Balance!

Thursday-Friday: Nada.

Friday: a trip to support a friend at Miss NH. Better than ANY cross training!

Saturday: 2.4 mi very very easy run with my mom. (37:05)


Sunday: 16 miles biking (1:20)

Time active: about 5 hours 5o minutes!

Now, the injury. I mentioned in my last race recap how much pain I was in after the race. I’m stubborn, and unfortuantely it takes me to get to this point to give myself a break. I’ll eventually learn. I can’t fathom not running until I physically can’t. I know it’s not the way to be, but that’s just how I roll.

Anyways, I spent the first week post-injury (or post-injury worsening, lets be real) not working out. I attempted one walk with my mom, which was pretty painful and I paid for it the next day. I limped everywhere, all day-every day. I felt like I was walking crooked, and was told so too.

Week 2 was better. The limping stopped and that Wednesday I finally had a day with no pain. I went for a walk one night and came home feeling fine. I was feeling no difference with KT tape, but in general I was physically feeling better although I obviously knew my leg needed time to heal. I finished the week by biking 10 miles on a stationary bike, which was painless and wonderful. Except for my butt, that sure hurt.


This week was week 3 post-injury and I’m at the point where I.just.want.to.run. I’ve had to adjust racing plans which breaks my little heart. With all the activities I did, I very rarely felt any pain. A couple of twinges when I moved my hip the wrong way at Zumba, and some returning quad pain where I pushed it up a hill at the end of Saturday’s “run”. After the first run I felt some major muscle knots, which helped target my foam rolling. Maybe it was a little early to run, but it kept me from going totally insane.

I will say that this injury happened at a really convenient time. It forced me to back of running and to take time for my master’s comprehensive presentation (think dissertation/thesis/big ass really important presentation). I’ve taken time to remember my running priorities for the rest of the year: finish Marine Corps Marathon without injury and always love running. Because frankly, no one loves running when it hurts, not even me.

So what’s next? More cross training and a few easy runs for two weeks. I have a 5K that I’m running for fun in 12 days and I’m okay with not running a full 5k before then. That’ll be 5 weeks since I really hurt myself and accepted it. Hopefully by then I’ll be running painless! I’ve decided to move from the half marathon to the 10K for Zooma Annapolis in order to keep my body happy before starting Marine Corps Marathon training in Late June.

Not running right now sucks. I hardly got in any miles in April, and it’s looking like May will be the same. But with said presentation and a move (ONE WEEK AWAY – AHH) I’m going to be plenty busy anyways. My body will be ready to run again soon enough!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts + Injury Update (4/25 – 5/1/16)

  1. I think it’s great you’re still doing things like biking as well as taking it easy in order to heal. It’s frustrating, but it’s definitely for the best. I never had success with KT tape when I was in pain–my body usually responds best to Graston or dry needling. They hurt like heck, but it works for me! I’m so excited you’re running the MCM!


    • This is the first time I’ve really cross trained when I’ve been forced to not run and it has really helped, even if just my morale is improved. I definitely want to try Graston – sounds awful but yet right up my alley.


    • That would be wonderful! I’m really looking forward to all of the options I’ll have down there. There are very few resources here to fit my grad school budget. I would love more info – you can email it to me or send it on facebook! I’m looking forward to reading his post!


  2. That sucks you still don’t feel 100%! But prioritizing getting healthy for the start of marathon training is a great choice – that training is no joke! Do you have a chiropractor near you that specializes in sports injuries? They always made a huge difference for me!


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