Marathon Training Must-Haves

This Winter/early Spring, I definitely had my go-to’s during my training runs – before during and after. This routine helped me be less anxious and more confident when hitting the roads.


Pre-run fuel: Generation UCan – I started drinking about one scoop of this with 8ish ounces of water last summer. I can drink it right before a run and it fuels me without causing cramps. I can’t imagine going back to running longer distances without it!

Sport shield: Similar to Body Glide, this clear liquid rolls on wherever you need to help with chafing and blisters. My lower back is a rough spot for me, so I make sure to apply it before every long run!


NutritionGu has been a go-to of mine for a couple of years, and now I’ve added Clif Shot Blocks into the mix to add some variety. Both are typically easy on the stomach, keep providing energy, and aren’t completely disgusting.

Balega socks: Out of all of my different running apparel, these socks are always on. I’ve mostly phased out my Pro Compression socks while running, but I still wear the sleeves. Balega recently released a sock with compression and I can’t wait to try it!

Hoka One One Arahi: I’ve been wearing the Clifton’s for about a year, and still wear them for some runs. For long runs I’ve completely switched to the Arahi that I got at Rock N Roll DC. I love the support it gives me while also having the cushioning.

Hydration essentials: I’ve been running with a Nathan Hydration pack for a while, but for the marathon I’ll be using this Amphipod handheld bottle. I love my pack, but it was very hot during the MCM. This is the third 16-20 oz. handheld I’ve tried, and I absolutely love it. My phone fits in the pocket and I forget it’s there!


Potato Chips and Sugar Wafers: I’m not kidding you, keep sugar wafers in the car for after your longest training runs. I DARE YOU. They help me get to lunch without completely bottoming out. Potato chips are salty and fatty and delicious. A bag of Utz chips will be in my gear check bag for the New Jersey Marathon!

Ultimate recovery: Bath bombs (from Lush) and epsom salts in a warm both, my Roll Recovery torture device, and a nice nap help me rejuvenate after a long run. Unlike my last training cycle, I’m pretty dead after my long runs and I can’t function until after I have a short nap.

Slurpees/Icees: These have simply been my go-to lately, whenever. Having one after my 20 miler last weekend was THE BEST.

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