Race Recap: Father’s Day 5K

After coming home from the bustling city life, I found myself needing some adventure. I came across the Portland Sea Dogs Father’s Day 5K in Portland, ME and knew that I wanted to do it. Because my Mom is working hard to get fit, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for us to get out of town and do something different together.

Me and Mom at Hadlock Field before the race!
Me and Mom at Hadlock Field before the race!

We picked up our packets at Maine Running Company the day before the race, and it was super quick and easy. Unfortunately we didn’t receive t-shirts because we weren’t within the first 1,000 to sign up – but we did get two free tickets to a future Sea Dogs game! I also pushed Mom into getting her gait analyzed and buying proper running shoes. She ended up with some Saucony Ride 7’s and seems to like them! We spent the night before the race at our family’s camp in Maine, about an hour away from Portland. I didn’t sleep all too well, and woke up feeling kind of apprehensive. I didn’t have my normal pre-run breakfast and I was putting a lot of pressure to myself to PR after missing it by a second at the Fiesta 5K.
I would be doing a 5k with my mom on Fathers Day
As we showed up, I got so excited by the baseball park, the taiko drummers, and even a bagpiper! We were there 45 minutes early to get settled. I ran up the hill to the start (I suck at warming up), spent 15 minutes stretching, and then found my way to the 9:00 mile corral. My plan was to start out running a 9:00 mile/pace for the first half of the race then start picking people off from there. However, it didn’t work out that way.
Between my excitement and the first .5 mile being downhill, I started out so so fast. I checked my watch at .75 miles and was on pace for an 8:00 mile. I never run an 8:00 mile. Yikes! I slowed it right down, but it was too late. The second mile brought rolling hills and I had worn myself out physically and mentally from pressuring myself to run my fastest. I was so mad at myself that I walked a couple of times because I was so unfocused. At this point, the sun came out and despite the perfect air temperature, it was burning hot. I was so thankful when I came across the water station. I still struggled through the second half of the race, and I never got into a good rhythm. Physically I felt pretty great, but it just wasn’t meant to be my day.
Attempting to finish strong...but those crossing arms - uck!
Attempting to finish strong…but those crossing arms – uck!

However I am so proud of my mom. She is doing Couch to 5K right now and used this as just one of her weekly workouts, but carried it on for longer. She’s never done a race like this so I was so happy to see her running around the baseball field, with the Sea Dogs mascot, Slugger, sitting next to me. My Mom always came to all of my sporting events, to it felt amazing to be rooting her on for a change!
She did it!
She did it!

Time: 29:43 (8:47, 10:06, 9:49, 1:00)
Place: 599/1179, 22/60 age group.

In the end, it wasn’t my most fantastic race, but it was a great experience and I learned a lot. I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and will share those thoughts on Thursday! The race was very well run with lots of volunteers. It was great to end in the stadium, be on the jumbotron and hear our names announced on the stadium audio system! Mom and I are already planning on participating next year, they do races on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

I will easily say that the best part of the day was spending it with my Mom. My parents divorced when I was only 1 year old, and my father has never been a of my life. Normally, I’m pretty bitter on Father’s Day because of this. It was great to spend a wonderful day with my Mom, especially as she has done so much for me through my college years. We followed our day in Portland with dinner with my Grandparents, which is a typical Father’s Day occurance for us.


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