Half Marathon Training 1/11 – 1/17/16

Last Monday, I was ready for another incredible week of half marathon training. While the week started off strong, it ended off being pretty challenging. I ended up having a run that I somewhat regretted running. Let’s see how it went.


Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 45:00 Zumba fusion class (zumba + some strength), 3 mi run in 30:08 (10:02 pace). This was a tad faster than I like to run on an easy day, but I had to be off the treadmill by 8 for PLL! I made it off with 30 seconds to spare.


Wednesday: Speed day! Total = 4 mi, 10:00 avg pace. 6 x 400 at 8:50 – 8:40 pace, with 400 active recovery and .5 WU/CD.

Thursday: Rest. This was unexpected, but my stomach was NOT HAPPY after dinner, so I decided to hold off.

Friday: 3 mi, 10:43 pace. This was my slowest run in a while. Thursday’s nights stomach troubles must have been a warning because throughout the day at work on Friday I got sicker and sicker. Aside from a runny nose and sore through, the run wasn’t horrible.


Saturday: 45:00 flow yoga. Yoga isn’t as relaxing when you can’t breathe. Thankfully I made it until class was over without having a sneezing fit!

Sunday: 2.5 mi, 11:08 avg pace.

I thought that like on Friday, I could muster through a run although I was feeling horribly. With every single step my body ached and breathing was painful. When I look at my pace, it wasn’t horrible for what should have been a “long run” of 6 miles, but instead I feel failure. Failure when I probably should have just stayed off the treamill to let my body get over this sickness. This is the first time I’ve tried running while feeling sick, and lesson learned  – sometimes rest is what your body truly needs.

source: gojorunner.com

Weekly miles: 12.5.

While I’m bummed with how my last two runs went, working in a school means I’m going to get sick. In the grand scheme of things, missing out on a 6 mile run isn’t the end of the world. I’m spending my extra day off today focusing on feeling better so this week of training can be great again!

I’m linking up with Megan today in a weekly workout linkup. Thanks for hosting, Megan!

Do you run when sick? Any tips?

16 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training 1/11 – 1/17/16

  1. Being sick is the worst! I have found the best way to recover is really just to sleep as much as you can. I also took a couple of rest days and did not run, which I think helped. Great job getting in those miles though! Don’t fight the cold by running though– feel better soon! 🙂


  2. First off, great job hanging in there! And yes, I’ve run when I’m sick. You really need to listen to your body to know exactly what to do. It’s very individual… Sounds like a rest day was in order. Don’t feel like a failure though. You’re far from that!


  3. The fact that you ran while you were sick was a lesson that you needed to learn about your body. You wouldn’t have known otherwise how your body would have handled it unless you tried it first. Running is all about trial and error right? Now you know and you can move on from here. It’s definitely not a setback in your training at all!

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  4. Ugh I hear ya–I work with middle schoolers and I always get sick every year (although I haven’t yet, knock on wood!). I typically don’t run when sick, but instead will do some easy/light strength training (if I’m up for it) and foam rolling.


  5. I feel like I recover more quickly from illness if I run while sick only if it’s above the neck. Otherwise I wait and let myself rest. I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling well and I hope this week is so much better for you!


  6. Feel better! Being sick is no fun! I find running while sick is tricky. If I have that exhausted, bone-weary feeling, it’s better to take a nap, but if I just feel icky but not deathly, a run usually helps me feel better. Sometimes I find even having relief from my headache for 30 minutes helps my morale if nothing else.


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